How to Use the PMD

Do you remember a couple weeks back on Instagram story when I shared the PMD? There was a great response so I wanted the info on How to Use the PMD to be available longer than 24 hours.

Being a licensed esthetician since I was 19 year old and coming from a dermatologist father, I have tried A LOT of devices and treatments. I even owned one of the very first microdermabrasion machines in the United States. Let me tell you, it was(is) massive! At least 40 lbs and still to this day an incredible machine. Between my office in Arizona and the dermatology office I worked at in San Francisco I charged anywhere from $100-120 PER treatment. That’s a lot when you consider most clients are recommend to do a series of 6-10 treatments and then begin a maintenance program!

Because of my background with medical grade machines I was super duper skeptical that the small hand held PMD could do much. I was wrong! This device is good, really good.

So why use microdermabrasion? Besides helping with fine lines, the PMD exfoliates your skin! I don’t think most people understand exactly how important it is to exfoliate. Most think retinol, serums and moisturizes are enough, but guess what? You are wasting your money on expensive products that are literally just sitting on top of your skin unless you keep your skin exfoliated.

How To Use The PMD:

Here are a couple of tips for using a personal microdermabrasion tool, some outlined in this YouTube and some added:

  • Start with clean skin. This is very important. Wash your face, I prefer this PURITY wash. Pat dry.
  • If you are new to microdermabrasion, begin with the least gritty tip. (all the colors are explained in your PMD box)
  • If you are using a retinol ( I love this .5 by SC 2-3 nights per week) wait 48 hours after using your PMD. Your pores are open from the PMD and you don’t want to irritate the skin with a harsh product like a retinol or a acid.
  • Let your skin breath. I like to do my PMD treatment at night and just sleep with a MOISTURIZER on ( my current favorites are AGE and MAGIC) If you do your treatment in the morning, it’s best to wait a few hours to apply makeup. Again, the pores are open and you’d don’t want to clog them with makeup products.
  • Use your PMD once a week for great results. That’s it, just once a week!
  • Common question I get: do you prefer the PMD over microneedling? They are very very different things. Read about microneedling here!

You can save 20% off your PMD with code: LISA20 I’m using the PMD Pro in this video. 


  • Reply Melissa December 8, 2017 at 11:54 AM

    Hi Lisa,
    First I wanted to say how much I love your recommendations – I value genuine referrals for products and the products you suggest and the way you go about it feels like a friendly recommendation and not like you’re pushing products.
    Secondly, as a mid-30-something, I have wanted to try retinol but I still get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed (which is out of necessity rather than preference) – is there a safe way to use retinol and continue waxing or is there another product that could get similar results and still be safe for waxing?

  • Reply Steffanie Clark December 11, 2017 at 12:28 AM

    I’m just wondering which SC moisturizer you would recommend for aging skin (50) living in a dry climate (Utah)? In your Beauty Guide, you recommended SC Triple Lipid Restore and here you suggest A.G.E Interupter. I want to invest in a good moisturizer but not sure what the difference between these two.


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