Front Door And Butcher Block

Our front door and butcher block are two of the most unique pieces I’ve designed and built for our home renovation. The front door is massive and intriguing. The butcher block is fun yet sophisticated. The front door was a long and highly technical build. The butcher block was quick and straight forward. I’ve written once before about the assembly of the door.

The front door is made of walnut. It was assembled using mortise and tenon joints. There are no metal fasteners in this door. I’m really happy with how the two brass accented handles turned out and feel in your hand. The pivot hinge is set in at 20″, leaving 50″ of door swing. The hinge is effortless.

handmade front door with wood and windows by Jeff Allen handmade wood and window front door woodwork on handmade front door by Jeff Allen

Once I got the door built I had to build out the opening and get the casing and trim squared away. The trim and casing were assembled, glued, and clamped in place on the door-frame. I put the door in place and set the two pivot points. The glass windows were added once the door was hung. Really glad I planned that out, cause the door was heavy enough without the glass. The front door is functional and an experience to use!

handmade unique front door unique front door with windows on swivel

Ozzy Monroe is a show stopper! We love having our new baby girl around the house. I wanted to bring a piece of teak to the hospital to lay Ozzy on when she first arrived. Lisa rolled her eyes and I dropped the goofy idea. Here she is putting our butcher-block on display.

beautiful custom and unique butcher block Custom woodwork on butcher block

The butcher block is book-matched end-grain teak(brown-orange), wenge(dark-brown), and hard maple(light). I love how all the grains book-match with their pair. The end-grain orientation is important because the vertically oriented grains won’t dull your knives and it’s easier to keep clean. I built the butcher block in the first few months of the renovation and it was great to have something to refer Lisa back to when other projects weren’t going so well.

I build butcher blocks for clients islands and general purpose counter-tops. I think it’s a fantastic alternative to stone, and a warm conversation piece for the most important room in the house. These smaller cutting boards are great for their portability and are beautiful, but I don’t keep them in stock. I made a run of them a few months ago to give to clients after some big projects. And you may have heard I’m giving the last few away tonight. If the response continues to be big for these blocks then maybe I’ll put them for sale in our shop.


Custom Butcher Blocks by Jeff Allen


Stay posted for more house updates. I’ve teased a bunch of updates on my IG story and will continue that. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night.