Meet the Allen Family

Lisa was living in Orange County and Jeff in the Bay Area when they were set-up by a mutual friend. Their first date was magic (read more HERE) and a year later Jeff was marrying not only Lisa, but Avery, Poppy and Goldie as well( read more on their wedding day HERE)! They are now living in the beach town of Encinitas, CA. Meet the Allen family…

JEFF resigned as a Financial Planner in the summer of 2015, after 5 years with his firm, to pursue larger life goals. A natural craftsman, Jeff is remodeling their 1980’s home into a mid-century modern masterpiece. His design/build company, Bear Horn Design, hums along in the garage in-between spending time with Lisa and the girls, “Saturday projects”, and surf sessions. For custom door inquiries email

LISA is a licensed esthetician, personal trainer and most recently she sold her half of another successful site to create a new space here on Salty Lashes. She has always had an extraordinary eye for style and fashion, evidenced by her success as an online influencer. Lisa loves to spend time with her family at the beach and going to any movie as long as there’s popcorn (which she hoards). She enjoys caffeine, Bravo, working out, online shopping, and people with wit that appreciate her sarcasm.

AVERY is now 14 and in 8th grade. She enjoys giving her parents a glimpse into what the next few years will look like as a teenager, which isn’t a bad thing. Avery is playing field hockey, anxiously awaiting the removal of her braces, and takes every opportunity to spend time with friends. She loves church, singing, the beach and anything sour!

POPPY is the peace keeper of the home and in 7th grade. She loves the great friends she has made since moving to Encinitas. Poppy loves animals, lacrosse, field hockey and is the most patient sister to Goldie.

GOLDIE if you’ve seen Goldie’s Instagram account @thegoldiegrams, then you already know how much personality this child has. Goldie is constant entertainment. She loves math, reading, gymnastics, super heroes, football, and working in the garage with Jeff. If you ever meet Gold, play hard to get. She’s way into that..

Meet the newest addition to the Allen family in this post: Ozzy Monroe Allen. Ozzy is now 1 and has developed so much personality. She may give Goldie a run for her money in a couple of years. Ozzy is the sweetest, most patient baby with super human strength and crazy good balance.

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Lisa Allen's daughters of Salty Lashes wearing vans, urban outfitters and spearmint baby