I have to be honest, I don’t think shopping for men is very fun. I’m sure most men would say the same about shopping for us women. I consider myself a great gift giver, even to Jeff but knew I wanted him to hand pick everything for this mens gift guide. After seeing his selects I’m so glad I did! There are about 8 items here I wouldn’t have thought of on my own and think they make great gifts! Word or numbers in bold are links to the products.

Gifts Guides For Men & Women:

1. It wouldn’t be a Jeff Allen gift guide without a DRILL SET..

2.The NEST thermostat! Proven to help you save 10-15% on heating a cooling bills each month.

3.This Givenchy wallet kind of surprised me that Jeff would add it to the list. But, I’m always down for more Givenchy.

4.We just bought this FLANNEL for Jeff to wear to family pictures.

5.So excited about the GIMBEL! Did you see the movie on my Instagram from the baptism/blessing? That was made using an iPhone and this magical device.

6.Jeff just bought a couple of these BOXES for his install in Utah this week. Says every man would want them.

7.Now this was one of the items I wouldn’t have thought to buy. Ceiling RACKS for the garage.

8.I don’t know if I should tell Jeff that Poppy already has this VINYL player and he can just borrow it;)

9.You can never ever go wrong with STANCE socks!

10.Another one I was surprised Jeff selected is the Huarache style Nike. I thought he was more of a Nike Free kind of guy.

11.Okay, this is the BEST mens scent. I have also been known to wear it myself cause I’m obsessed with how good it smells.

12.Portable SPEAKERS are so useful to have. Beach, garage, camping, anywhere.

13.Leahter gloves, cause it’s pretty chilly in the mornings while Jeff works.

14. What I said in #10..he’s still a FREE guy too

15.Jeff’s family loves CARHARTT beanies. I think our brother in law got them hooked a few years ago. They are way cool.

16.Jeff wore this RAY-BANS on our second date. He still wears them and I love it.

17.Marver mens SHOP sent Jeff a box last month. He’s worn this JACKET a lot!

18.I kinda of think he added this DRONE to the guide as a hint for me to buy it. I’m going to pretend I wasn’t sure what it was by the picture he sent:)

19.Every member of our family owns this pair of VANS. 

20.I love the way these HENLEYS fit. They are super soft!

21.Leather PHONE CASE with card slot. I think I’ll get myself one as well.

22.Shirt JACKETS are great to give to teens, husbands and grandfathers.

23.You can’t go wrong with a NIXON watch. Jeff loves the all black.

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