San Francisco

  1. When we met Jeff was living in the Bay Area. A few weeks into dating I lied and told Jeff I had flight credit to use and wanted to come see my friend, Shalayne. I really wanted to see him in one of my favorite cities without the pressure of staying with him or the pressure of spending every moment of the weekend together. We had been on a few dates and talked or texted everyday up until this trip, but he had yet to kiss me…

We had our first kiss at Oakland airport as soon as I got in his car.

Half Moon Bay, SoulCycle, hours of circling the city streets to find parking, time with the Wyatts. San Francisco was a game changer for us, or me at least. I started to really let my walls down and accept what I already felt, that Jeff was just different than most. His words meant something. His actions matched his words. He didn’t play games. So straight forward. Honest. Kind. It was a strange feeling to trust someone the way I trusted Jeff and it didn’t scare me.