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Wedding Day

Jeff and I were married on September 4th on the beach at Crystal Cove. Just us and the kids along with our closest family and friends. My dad walked me down the isle (to 'Release' by Pearl Jam) and Jeff's dad performed the ceremony. It was as simple and intimate as we hoped it to be. The vows we wrote each other were my favorite part. Jeff gave each of…


The Casual Couples Guide to Valentine’s Day

Sponsored by Levi's & ShopStyle Ahh, Valentine's Day! We've all felt the pressure of creating an over-the-top day dedicated to love at one point or another, am I right? Fortunately for Jeff and I, we love a casual holiday! As you already know, we love denim! The longer we live in San Diego, the more casual we become. We both own more Levi's than any other denim brand, which made partnering…

Jeff and Lisa Allen sharing Valentines Day ideas wearing head to toe Levi's

eBay Fashion: Designer Shoes & Holiday Shopping

eBay Fashion & Holiday Shopping Last week I shared the PROS and CONS to GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS. The main con is obviously the cost for these sought after hand distressed Italian sneakers. This got me thinking when planning todays eBay Fashion/Holiday Shopping post. Because eBay carries so many incredible designer brands, I knew I'd be able to find great GOLDEN GOOSE options to help save you a little holiday cash.  I…

lisa allen wearing studded golden goose
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You CAN Sit With Us: Mother’s Day

Growing up I was not the girl who planned my wedding or thought about who I would marry. The only thing I was 100% certain of is wanting to become a mom. I've questioned many things in life, but my desire to be a mom wasn't one of them. Fourteen years and four kids later it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I AM A MOTHER. It's…

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Meet the Allen Family

Lisa was living in Orange County and Jeff in the Bay Area when they were set-up by a mutual friend. Their first date was magic (read more HERE) and a year later Jeff was marrying not only Lisa, but Avery, Poppy and Goldie as well( read more on their wedding day HERE)! They are now living in the beach town of Encinitas, CA. Meet the Allen family... JEFF resigned as a…

Jeff Justin Allen and Lisa Allen family