Tree Bones Resort, Big Sur, CA

Tree Bones Resort
Tree Bones Resort, Big Sur

Big Sur: HUMAN NEST at Tree Bones Resort.

Big Sur

For Christmas Jeff gave me a trip to Tree Bones Resort, in Big Sur, CA. I mentioned before how badly I wanted to go there but reservations can take up to a year to book. Somehow he managed to make this happen, and I’m so glad he did. We had the best time! They have yurts on the property to rent or one HUMAN NEST. We got the nest. It was incredible! We slept under the stars with the most magical ocean view.

Lisa Allen and Jeff Allen in Big Sur Tree Bones Resort in Big Sur Lisa Allen and Jeff Allen head to Tree Bones Resort in Big Sur

Jeff was ultra prepared as you can see from our car. When I first got in, I laughed at how much he brought. In my mind, this was not really camping. I was so wrong and so glad Jeff did his research. Did I mention he made all my meals? Cause, he did.