A month after we got married we had the opportunity to travel to Tulum for a week. Neither of us had been, and we had heard only the best of this trending hot spot. Here’s how the trip went down for us:

We had a early morning flight scheduled so I requested an Uber at 6 am. The Uber arrived and  we start driving towards San Diego Airport when I get this feeling to check my itinerary. Uhh..our flight was leaving from LAX! There was no way we’d make it. Our Uber brings us back home and we frantically look for new flights. The next one available wasn’t until 10pm that night. Oops. Jeff and I spent the day here in Encinitas at the beach, taking a nap, going out to lunch and headed up to our favorite restaurant in Laguna before catching our late night flight out of LAX.

Let’s just say missing the first flight should have been a sign. The next 6 days in gorgeous Tulum were spent holed up in 2 different hotel rooms with hurricane warnings! The moment we got there we wondered why we ever left California. Luckily we had a laptop so we could watch Netflix and watched the entire first season of Narcos in 24 hours. Over the next 6 days the highlights were paying a taxi $40 to take us to a 7-eleven for candy, our hotel rooms were awesome at Mi Amor and La Zebra, the 3 hours the rain stopped on day 5 so we could sit at the beach and our flight back home. 😉

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