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Update: Pregnancy & Family

Pregnancy & Family update: Jeff Justin Allen and daughter Goldie

A quick post on pregnancy & family by Lisa Allen of Salty LashesBalancing Pregnancy & Family with just 12 weeks left to go before the baby comes!

(I’m currently much larger than these photos)

I have less than 12 weeks left to go with this pregnancy. Hallelujah! Our winter break came to an end and the girls started back at school. Wahhh..I love when they are home. They spent a week + New Years with their dad this year which made the holidays seem extra short. The other day Goldie asked me how old the new baby will be before “she has to go with Arizona dad” Haha..the look on her face when I told her this baby would never go with him was hilarious. She totally gets that this baby is mine and Jeff’s, but also considers Jeff her dad and since she goes with “Arizona dad”, why wouldn’t the baby..? It’s so different for Goldie than it is Avery and Poppy to understand the dynamics of our family. Partly due to her age, but also because the only dad she’s ever lived with is Jeff. A couple weeks ago I had Goldie and her friend in my car. Her friend said “why do you call him Jeff or dad, he’s your stepdad” Goldie’s response “don’t call him that. He’s my actual dad.” The relationship between Jeff and Goldie is adorable.

.Jeff Justin Allen and daughter Goldie at Christmas

Current projects happening right now:

Front door is installed but Jeff’s adding keyless entry. So it’s in..we just can’t use it yet.

Kitchen is 90% finished. All the wall tiles have been installed, pot filler is hooked up. Jeff just needs to add brackets to the upper beams. Email us if you know anyone who makes custom brackets. We’re having a tough time finding someone.

Stair railing is about half way done.

Jeff’s building a custom bed for a client and also building a custom front door for a home in Arizona right now.

Jeff Justin Allen of Bear Horn Design

Updates on the kids: 

Avery made the Field Hockey team at school. Their first game is this week! Avery is also getting straight A’s first semester. Very proud of her!

Poppy started Cotillion classes. Last week was the first class which included the parents + the kids first intro on how to properly dance with a boy/girl. OMG, every child had a bright red face! I could see Poppy wiping off her hands over and over before the boys came to ask. Haha!

Goldie started skateboarding lessons. It’s Gold and a bunch of boys, all older and bigger than her. She loves it! You can usually find videos of her lessons on my Instagram story, now on Monday’s.

Lisa Allen and daughter Goldie



  • Reply Rosie January 18, 2017 at 9:24 AM

    I love these posts! You have the cutest family!

    • Reply Lisa & Jeff January 18, 2017 at 5:37 PM

      Thank you for stopping by Rosie. Have a great night! Lisa

  • Reply Aly January 20, 2017 at 9:42 AM

    I check in here every once in a while hoping to find some home update posts… so, love this one! Jeff’s woodworking is admirable, and I’m interested to hear all the behind-the-scenes of how it works. We’re renovating our house and it’s neat for other people to know how much work goes into it. Whenever someone compliments something, I can’t help but saying, “but you should have seen it BEFORE.”

    So keep them coming! Cheers.

    • Reply Lisa & Jeff January 23, 2017 at 4:40 PM

      haha, I totally agree Aly! You want everyone to REALLY know how bad things were before you made your transformation. We do the same thing over here. Straight from 1982 and never remodeled, this house was a complete gut. I’ll show Jeff your comment and have him create a post on behind the scenes. Great idea!
      Thanks for the comment!

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