Weekly Update: birthdays & emergency rooms

Jeff And Goldie Susie Cakes Birthday in a post on birthdays and emergency rooms

Hi everyone! What a week. We celebrated two, actually three birthday’s this week. Goldie on Wednesday, Jeff on Thursday and today is Biggies. This was Goldie’s first year having a friend birthday party. Why? Because this is the first year she’s had good friends to invite. We love the little friends Goldie has made. They are all a year older in school and just cute, creative, unique little girls. She found her place and they call her their mascot..haha! Sadly, Goldie’s birthday wasn’t the greatest. Long story short, I had been experiencing chest pressure and difficulty breathing the night before and the pain continued all morning before the party. I passed out before her party started and Jeff rushed me to the local fire station where I was taken to the ER by ambulance. 24 hours and several tests later they ruled out a heart attack and blood blots. Which was extremely good news. Basically the muscles in my chest and lungs are inflamed causing pressure and lack of oxygen. They don’t know why it’s happening. Could be pregnancy. Could be stress. Could be a combination of things. This is my first pregnancy with issues, besides toxemia with Avery at 35 weeks. It’s been frustrating and scary. Fortunately, I have a husband who steps up when I need him (even missing Friday nights football game) and kids that are forgiving and understanding when I can’t be the mom they’d like me to be. I’m also really grateful to live around so many incredible families who stepped in and took the kids to school, activities and Halloween parties. Jeff and Biggie just before birthdays & emergency rooms

 I think I owe Goldie and Jeff redo days to celebrate their birthdays. Jeff doesn’t care, Goldie does.;)  Tomorrow is Halloween. Goldie is a an old cat lady, Poppy is the girl from The Shining, and Avery and her friends all want to be dinosaurs (she went as a scarecrow to a party on Sat.). Jeff doesn’t know it yet, but I bought him a banana costume. I laugh every time I look at it imagining his 6’4 body in a banana suit. img_3440