Weekly Update: Camp, Cousins and Ultrasounds

Jeff and Lisa Allen Poppy spent the week at 6th grade camp. She had such a good time! Came home exhausted with lots of memories and live bugs in her bag..gah.

We had family from both sides in town all week, which we love! My kids are so lucky in the cousin department. They each have multiple cousins their age and they all get along so well. I always wanted cousins that lived close by or we saw regularly. My kids really scored!

I had a routine check up on Wednesday and everything looked great with the baby. She even said I was in the clear to start working out. Then Friday I started to bleed, again and ended up back at the doctor for an ultrasound. I’ll go back again this coming week to see if the issue is healing or spreading. What I have is fairly common, it’s called a subchorionic hemorrhage. The problem is a few weeks ago they found one they think has healed, but now I have a new one that is larger and closer to the baby. There are more success stories of SCH than not, so I’m really hopeful. I’m back on modified bed rest (what does that even mean when you work full time and have three other kids?) until this issue resolves itself.

The good news is the baby is growing with lots of movement and a strong heartbeat. This time it was asleep and as cute as ever. Ahh, I love seeing those ultrasound pictures! They are just so sweet.


We have a busy week ahead: parent teacher conferences, fashion show for work in San Diego, donuts with dad at the school, Jeff’s football game, and a video shoot for Tocca next Sunday. Jeff is busy building our front entry, and building 5 other client projects. I love bedrest..;)