10 Trick or Treat Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is here again! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by, and we are already rolling into the holidays! Halloween prep has been in full swing here at the Allen Home; costume making, decorating, treats…..you name it. Halloween is such a fun night for our family! We always look forward to trick or treating around our neighborhood and seeing so many funny and creative costumes. But, Halloween to me is all about safety! I want my girls to have fun, but know that they still need to stick to rules and be cautious throughout the night!

I think it’s important to sit down with the kids before Halloween and talk about the do’s & don’ts! Even if they are teens. Make sure your children are aware and alert throughout the night, and that you are as well! Here are some tips and tricks for trick or treating!

lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes and trick or treat safety tips

Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

Tip #1: Never Go Inside Someone’s Home

No matter how nice they seem, no matter how much candy they have, don’t go inside someone’s home. This can seem like such an innocent act to some kids, “Why can’t I go in the nice lady’s home?”. But. making your kids aware of this rule can give you peace of mind and help teach your children a little about stranger danger.

Tip #2: Stay With A Group, Use A Buddy System

Knowing my kids (at least my older girls) are with a large group of kids on Halloween gives me so much peace of mind. When you have your children follow the buddy system, it helps them stick together and keep tabs on one another, so no child is left out, forgotten or lost.

Tip #3: Don’t Eat Homeade Halloween Treats

This can be tricky. That homemade chocolate chip cookie could look soooooo good. Or, that Rice Krispy Treat shaped like a pumpkin. But, you never know who made that treat, how it was made or what it contains. It’s better to stick to the brand name treats & candies. 

Tip #4: Safety Apps Turned On! 

If your kids have phones, make sure Find My Friends is ON and you can locate their phones before you leave the house so you can easily track them throughout the night. For younger kids GPS Smart Watches are a great idea! They are more affordable now than ever before. Just make sure they are fully charged ahead of time. A GPS Tracker Watch for Kids: VTECH Kidizoom (Goldie has this), or TILE Anything Finder. Those are easy to slip in their trick or treat bag.

Tip #5: Bring A First Aid Kit

Bringing along some band-aids, Neosporin, and some Ibuprofen is never bad idea. From my experience, someone is bound to get a blister, or fall and get a scrape! It’s so nice to have these items on hand and save a trip walking alllll the way home in the middle of trick or treating!

Tip #6: Watch For Cars!

This may seem obvious, but I can’t stress how important this is! Driver’s can be oblivious on Halloween, and there’s so many children walking around, they might not see every single child around them and near their car! Keep yourself and the kids on the sidewalk and away from the streets. Make a game of it for the kids if it helps them remember to look both ways, and stay alert!

Tip #7: Watch For Creepy People

I’m sure every Halloween, everyone (like us) sees those adults or teenagers dressed in full horror costumes, walking around and scaring children/families. Try to be extra watchful for people like that! Kids may think its amusing, but you never know what that individual’s intentions may be!

Tip #8: Go To A Safe Neighborhood

Don’t feel like you need to stay and trick or treat in the neighborhood you live in! You can always hop over to another one and trick or treat there! Sectioning a small area to trick or treat in as well can keep your range small. It could be fun to meet new people in the area! You can also find a very family-friendly neighborhood, one that you know will be safe with many other families and adults around!

Tip #9: Wear Something to Stick Out In The Crowd

A fun and safe way to make sure you keep your family and kids together on Halloween is giving each child a glow stick to wear around their neck, or reflective tap to stick to their costumes! This can help you recognize your children in a crowd! Goldie likes to wear about 10 of them and that’s fine by me.

Tip #10: Check Your Children’s Candy

Before you let your children dive into a sugar coma, go through their candy! Make sure every piece in their treat bag is from a recognizable brand and that there are no choking hazards involved in any of it!

lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes and trick or treat safety tips lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes and trick or treat safety tips lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes tips lisa allen | 10 Trick or Treat Halloween Safety Tips lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes for kids lisa allen of salty lashes sharing diy halloween costumes for kids 10 Trick or Treat Halloween Safety Tips

Make Halloween a memorable night! These tips and tricks come so useful in making sure everyone has fun while also being safe! Talk about these tips and rules with your children before the big day, so that your children are knowledgeable and feel prepared of what’s to come! None of the rules will come as a shock to them! Adult supervision is key, if you’re on your A-game, the night will be filled with memories your children will always look back on!