For years I have made my own fresh green juice or found myself spending up to $12 on a green drink yet still reaching for a sugar free energy drink to get my day going or keep my day going around 3pm. I always said I wanted to find a way to combine the two. This idea has literally been in my mind for years. About 2 years ago I started partnering with powdered greens companies. The health benefits were fantastic, yet I could barely swallow them. I wanted the benefits of greens but dreaded drinking my greens each morning. I KNEW there had to be a way to create a powdered green drink that tastes great and make it caffeinated…and that’s where BetterDays was created.

 BETTERGREENS was the first product to launch, and I wrote about BetterDays Green here, it’s an ALL NATURAL ORGANIC GREENS + GLUTEN FREE offered in caffeinated & non-caffeinated powder form. With more than 8 incredible flavors to choose from and more flavors on the way, incorporating greens into your daily diet has never been easier! My personal favorite flavors are: Peach Limeade, Arctic Pop, Pina Colada and Juicy Lime. 

BetterDaysCo drinks


How to Mix Your BetterGreens, BetterHormones, BetterGlow and BetterCollagen:

Mix into still or sparkling water. Add to your smoothies. Drink hot or cold. Mix them together or drink separately. Vanilla BetterCollagen is SO good mixed with BetterHormones! Add BetterCollagen to your oatmeal. The options are endless. The key is to be consistent for optimal results!

How to take BetterSleep:

BetterSleep is unique in that it’s a straight to the mouth stick. Just pour onto your tongue and swallow. No water required as we want you to have the most restful night without the need to get up to go to the bathroom.


Are BetterDays pregnancy/nursing safe?

Our products are all natural, but we will always recommend consulting with your physician first.

Are BetterDays products gluten free? Are BetterDays products safe for celiac?

BetterDays is gluten free and safe for celiac. The barley grass and wheat grass in our products are picked before sprouting and producing seeds

What is the caffeine source? 

BetterDays caffeine is naturally sourced from tea leaves

Are your products vegan?

BetterGreens and BetterHormones are Vegan. However, BetterGlow & BetterCollagen contain Bovine Collagen, so it is not vegan.

Am I able to switch my subscription from caffeinated to non caffeinated each month & vice versa?

For any help regarding subscriptions, please email & our support team would be happy to assist you

Can I order both caffeinated/ non caffeinated in the same 30 pack?

Unfortunately, at this time it is not an option

Do you offer a sample pack of all of the flavors?  

We do not offer sample packs at this time.

Can you clarify where the citric acid & natural flavors are derived from in your products?

Citric acid is an anhydrous powder, meaning water content is removed and sourced from citrus. The natural flavors we use are derived from the actual fruit powders.

Are BetterDays sugar free? How much stevia is in it?

All BetterDays products are sugar free! They are sweetened with stevia & our organic fruit blend.

How many packets can I drink a day?

An adult serving of BetterGreens is 2 sticks per day. For BetterGlow and BetterHormones we recommend 1-2 sticks per day.BetterSleep as needed. BetterCollagen 1-2 scoops per day.

Are ingredients tested?  

All ingredients arrive to our facility with COA (certificate of analysis) and testing for heavy metals.  Once ingredients are blended and completed the final product is also sent for 3rd party testing and receives its own new COA.

Have nutritional claims been independently verified?

All sup facts are issued and reviewed by a certified 3rd party.

Are they FDA approved?

BetterDays products are not regulated by the FDA. They are produced by a cGMP certified facility regulated by the Utah Department of Agriculture.

Can I have more than one subscription on the same account?

Yes, you can have multiple subscriptions at one time! They can also either renew on the same day or different dates.

Does BetterGreens have vitamins like athletic greens?

BetterGreens does not have “added” vitamins and minerals.

What does Arctic Pop taste like?

Arctic Pop tastes like a red, white, & blue popsicle! One of our favorite, and most popular flavors!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! BetterDays currently ships to Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand!

What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping in the US is FREE! International shipping is a flat rate.

Is there a discount code?

Yes! BD10 will get you 10% off although code AVERY or POPPY also work for 10% off SITEWIDE


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BetterGreens Non-Caffeinated

person holding a surf board and drinking BetterDaysCo drink

My two year old keeps stealing & chugging my grapefruit twist greens! So good! I’ll have to order him some non-caffeinated! Seriously so much better than any green drink i’ve tried!

-Kelsey S

Just got my first order! My little boy is going through chemo and is non-verbal. He is as picky as they come and will not touch vegetables. He has been coming back for another sip every 10 seconds. It’s nice to have an alternative that he loves, especially at a time when his body is needing it! Bettergreens has seriously changed me!! I have struggled with IBS and bloating for years and I can confidently say that after 30 days of Bettergreens my body feels brand new!!

This product is amazing. I use both caffeinated for the mornings and non-caffeinated for the evenings to curb hunger. I am going to start BetterHormones now! So I got my first package of greens. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and even the thought of some things make me want to vomit. I thought it was risky to order my aversions but this stuff is delicious!


I am so so happy- Bettergreens is helping me so much with digestion. And I am a terrible fruit and veggie eater so it’s an answer to my bad habits! My two-year-old who hates all veggies except broccoli loves Bettergreens!


I let him try my caffeinated version and had to pry it from his hands! Needless to say, I’m ordering the decaf version ASAP!


Everyone else has said all the amazing things about BetterDays but I just wanted to say it literally changed my life. Such an easy way to make me feel so much healthier. Thank you so much.


My daughter got me hooked on the greens. I just turned 53 yesterday and have had more compliments on my skin and how glowing it has been- I attribute it to the greens, it’s the only change I’ve made! Amazing product. 


Just wanted to share a great story. My uncle recently had surgery for pancreatic cancer. He’s had a really hard time eating or even finding foods that don’t upset his stomach and getting nutrients. I shared some of my greens with him and he drank the whole thing before I even turned around. These are really great products! 


Love juicy lime! I have such a good routine for my day now and it revolves around my Betterglow and Bettergreens drinks! They are still, by far, the biggest game changer in my step towards a healthier lifestyle! It’s something so simple and has had a major impact on my health and the way I feel. So grateful!


Betterdays i seriously saving us with Covid right now. It’s been the only thing my oldest will consume over the past couple of days. Thank you so much for creating such a genius product, Lisa! Sick or not we drink it everyday!


I was skeptical. I get turned off when every single person says something amazing! I’ve ordered twice now (first caffeinated than non-caffeinated) and my next order I’ll sign up for recurring since i’m hooked. Major take away as I’m not as bloated and they taste so good…wouldn’t drink it if it didn’t. So thank you!


Just had to let you know that Bettergreens is by far better than other greens. This is the grapefruit flavor. It mixes better, the flavor is better. I don’t crave other greens at all. I suffered through one yesterday because i’m out of the non caffeinated ones but just had to let you know as someone who’s extremely picky on drinks. Betterdays is by far a 10/10.


Well, today was a first. I had a long day or fork and stopped to get a bottle of wine on my way home. But when I got home my order of Betterdays with no caffeine was waiting on me and all I wanted was some juicy lime with Lacroix! Out here changing lives!

BetterGreens Caffeinated

top view of fruit, drink, and a woman in a swimwear

I don’t say this lightly cause I really love coffee. But when I drink your green drinks I don’t miss it. Because coffee regardless of whatever milk I put in…still hurts my stomach but I need it cause I have 3 busy kids and I can’t afford to not drink coffee (you know, cause I wanna be a good mom and all). So these little green sticks of heaven literally change my morning routine aka my life!

Thank you! I avoid green drinks at all costs and try to just eat enough veggies and fruit (which never happens). Also, I am obsessed with Betterdays greens! I was skeptical that it could actually taste good and I am glad I was proved wrong. I’ve been spreading the word to my HS students and my family. Can’t wait to purchase more.


I just had to write you a quick note and tell you how obsessed I am with Bettergreens! The caffeine is the perfect afternoon pick me up with ZERO crash. But the real reasonI’m writing to you, is to tell you how much my kids love it (non-caffeinated). My 9 year old is the pickiest eater and doesn’t eat vegetables but loves the Strawberry Pineapple. He asks for it daily! Bettergreens is a staple at our house now. Thank you for such a great product.


Amazing product.

Love love love the Bettergreens. So far I’ve tried 3 of the 6 flavors, they are all amazing and let me tell you, I am NOT a green drink lover!! But I DO love these, I even had a sweet tooth last night and had one as my dessert! My whole family loves them and it feels good knowing my kids are getting their greens in!! We will definitely be signing up for a subscription!


Ok so I have to tell you. This is so random and a long story, but I had a laser eye surgery done over a year ago and have had TERRIBLE side effects of dry eyes and my eyes just bothering me 24/7. I’ve tried so many supplements and drops, etc. Well, after drinking this daily and was laying in bed and realizing my eyes hadn’t bothered me all day, I was trying to figure out what I had done differently….well something in this has helped my eyes. Don’t know how or why but let’s just say I’ll be keeping my subscription. Thank you so much!


I’m not a review writer by any means, but I have to say I love this! I bought both caffeinated and non and love them equally. My newborn has been so constipated and the only change in my diet has been this drink. She is now regular. Sorry for the TMI. It’s just a huge stress relief. I also feel my skin is brighter, so there’s that. Love these drinks!


I can’t tell you how much I love these! Literally I haven’t missed a day. Thank you for making an amazing product that helps me feel less bloated and feel satiated.


I workout, eat pretty healthy and take probiotic and digestive enzymes before bed, but I was still so bloated by the end of the day almost every day and I could not figure out why. I have noticed a HUGE difference since drinking a Betterdays everyday. HUGE. Won’t ever go without.


I could not get rid of bloat but since taking Bettergreens once sometimes twice daily for two weeks my bloat is about all gone! It’s AMAZING!


I’m a (at least 1) Monster a day type of girl. Need caffeine, also hate powdered drinks of any kind! I have never liked any of the ones I’ve tried in my life! I’m a tough egg to crack in this department. My sister gave me some to try and I tasted the first one today and I was so surprised! It was so good! I enjoyed drinking it! It’s not “just a tolerable way to drink greens” but like it tasted great and was refreshing and I can’t wait to place an order!

-Lanie C


More Reviews

Just tried my first flavor today, the Watermelon. It was so delicious and didn’t taste like greens at all! Great morning burst of caffeine too! Great job Lisa!

-Liz H


These are so good. I tried the watermelon, ice and Watermelon Lime Betterdays in a blender idea you posted and it was great. Using that as inspiration, I blended Strawberry Colada with frozen strawberries and water and it was delicious! Today I’m going to try it again with coconut water to bring out the colada flavor even more. Thanks Lisa!


I just gotta drop a note and say this week I received my Betterdays greens and…i’m seriously blown away by how good they are!!!! The Watermelon Lime though. Show stopper!

-Rue R


Okay tried the Watermelon Lime and it tastes just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher!

-Liz C


I have to say- this product is a trifecta. Greens, Taste. Energy. Having had one of the caffeinated greens each day, for the last three days. I have caught myself each day, “Wow, I feel really good right now” which is a huge deal…wasn’t until today when I realized it was because of the greens. I struggle with chronic fatigue due to extremely low levels of iron and every day for the last 5 years has been a challenge, energy wise. Since taking Betterdays I feel like my normal self, which I haven’t felt in years. Just want to say THANK YOU.

-Kristin A


I have had a few blood transfusions and I have had severe anemia for years. Also, I agree it’s helped with my fatigue. I was out of packets for two days and felt a huge difference in my energy and output (much more fatigue). It’s hard to get iron, especially if you don’t eat red meat, this formula is an incredible source of iron. Also….I drink my Betterdays in the morning on an empty stomach while intermittent fasting. Lemon water and aloe vera juice, then Bettergreens. I think that’s the secret for absorption (on an empty stomach) for that first serving…then have 1 or 2 more throughout the day because they are delish!


I picked up a sample of your greens from the Albion event in San Diego and wanted to tell you how much I LOVE them. I’ve tried other greens as well, but can I just say I like Bettergreens so much more. They aren’t as sweet. It’s the perfect amount of sweet to make me feel like I’m drinking greens but not a liquified piece of candy. I also LOVE the caffeinated option. Thanks for putting out an amazing product!


I gave my mom one to try, she had it instead of coffee and said she is obsessed! The flavor, the energy she had, and she loves how the ingredients are all so clean and nurturing. I think she already bought some too!


I am a mom of two, work full-time as a social worker and am in grad school. Coffee plus energy drinks have been my lifeline. I got these on a whim and just ordered a subscription. They have completely replaced my energy drinks and I no longer have the shakes or other bad side effects. It helps me to feel full, has helped with digestion/bloating, and I don’t feel bad about drinking them. I’m obsessed and so grateful you’ve made these!


Lisa what is this sorcery? These Bettergreens are better than I even could have imagined. I got them at like 9PM last night and had to try one before bed, and now trying a caffeinated one in the morning. Each flavor is better than the last. The hype is legit!


This drink has no joke changed my life. I don’t even crave Red Bull anymore. I didn’t know that could happen.


Saw my doctor in May of this year and my cholesterol levels were very high. Had my lipid levels checked again last week and got my results back today. Other than clean eating, Betterdays was a staple with my lunch in the last 5 weeks. It was my one treat a day. Results showed that my cholesterol went down a little over 50 points and is now in the normal range. Amazing!


I am 100% Diet Coke free for the first time in probably 25 years! I drink a green every am with soda water.


Also, I crave it and ran out before my next shipment. So I spaced out my subscription to come twice a month, one for decaf and the other for the caffeinated. Now I should never run out but my 4 year old niece is addicted and sneaks into my Betterdays jar. So I gifted her a decaf subscription for her 4th birthday last week!


Lisa, what have you done to me?! As a decades-long diet Coke addict, I’ve been starting my day with 2-3 cans for as long as I can remember, followed by another 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Since starting Betterdays last week, I am down to one can a day! I thought it could never happen. I don’t even crave it! And i’m only drinking one caffeinated in the morning, too. I feel so much healthier as well and the hormonal bloating I’ve been experiencing is nearly gone. Thank you!


Just went to Europe for two weeks. Didn’t drink one Red Bull. What used to be my favorite source of caffeine has officially been replaced by Betterdays. I don’t even crave the bull, not once. Caffeine plus greens are my new jam.


Ok, I kid you not, I’ve been drinking Betterdays every morning for the past two weeks and my caffeine intake has decreased, and my skin is healing. Also just feel all-around better. If you have been on the fence, this is your sign to try it!


I’m a huge fan also! I got mine last week and can already feel the good changes! Bloat is gone, completely! I also noticed a difference in my skin. At 57, I’ll take it! Even my feet look better, which might sound strange, but I’ve tried every lotion imaginable to soften the dry skin on my heels and noticed this morning that they’re so much better! I truly believe the enzymes you’ve included helped the nutrients be absorbed much more efficiently. Can’t even tell you how grateful I am. Also a die hard Diet Coke girl and I’ve gone from at least four cans a day to maybe one. Don’t crave it anymore.


I have a soda addiction that has lasted over two decades, and guess what finally helped me stop? Betterdays! I am so grateful you made this product!


I know you get 1 million raving reviews about Betterdays (as you should because they are amazing and I’m obsessed). But I’d like to give an honorable mention to the actual packaging! I buy a lot of powdered style drink mixes and yours rip open SO SMOOTHLY EVERY TIME! I never have to cut them like I do so many other brands that just don’t rip well. It makes me so happy every morning. 


I got my greens two weeks ago and I’m obsessed! I cannot stop raving about them to everyone I know. I’ve been an avid energy drink/diet Coke drinker for years and have completely stopped.


OK, so I have to share with you that I bought the caffeinated Better Days for my husband who works graveyards. I wasn;t OK with the amount of energy drinks he was drinking/buying every night. Before he even got to taste it, I (non-caffeine or coffee drinker) snuck one and OMG it’s so good and I’m not jittery or shaky at all like I am when I do have a random caffeinated drink.


I’m sure others have said this already, but I just have to share. I had one too many whiskeys last night and felt like absolute hell this morning. Had my Betterdays with caffeine and I feel 100 now. I’m sure it’s not meant for that but damn i’m impressed! 


I won’t lie, I had doubts! But I love your greens so much! They are the only greens I’ve had that don’t taste like chalk! Or leave the chalky grainy texture that makes me gag. I really hesitated because they are pricey, but I realize they are actually very comparable to other green drinks. I love them so much!


The caffeinated greens are literally the best thing ever created !it gives me so much energy and zero crash & got me through my first Pilates class today! So glad I discovered Bettergreens.


Goodbye coffee, hello Betterdays! My shipment arrived on Monday and I’ve never found a better coffee replacement!


I absolutely love mine. Started with greens caffeinated, then bought the greens non-caffeinated and hormones and now im about to order the glow for the trifecta. I’m addicted and love to taste and look forward to it daily.



woman in white top and jeans and holding BetterDaysCo drink

Went to my functional medicine doctor today to follow up on some hormone/thyroid problems. Asked her about Betterdays and Betterhormones and she said they look amazing! She’s going to start recommending to more patients. Love you’ve created something so yummy and with so many benefits! 

Just a testimonial… I’ve been suffering from debilitating hormonal migraines for the last 3 years. They’ve gotten progressively worse, and I’d end up in bed leading up to the start of my cycle every month for sometimes 2 full days. It was so hard being a mom and working full time. I changed my diet, supplements and exercise routine at the beginning of the year. They definitely got better and I was able to function better through them but still miserable.

I added BetterHormones and green this month. I’ve always taken greens consistently but this is the first month I changed to Bettergreens. This is the first month in years that my period has actually surprised me with its arrival. I felt headachy one morning but nothing compared to what I’ve experienced before. I was able to function and not even stop life, AND it only lasted one morning! Also, I truly attribute this to BetterHormones! Can’t thank you enough!!


In August 2021 I was diagnosed with shingles on the left side of my face, scalp and inside my left eye.

During my initial diagnosis they also discovered a substantial growth on my eyeball, surgery to remove the growth could not be done until the shingles were under control. Unfortunately the growth continued to grow, I was losing my vision, the pressure from the shingles was still too high to operate. In august the decision was made to remove the growth in an effort to save my eyesight.

After a full year of daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly eye exams my Eye Specialist declared today “I don’t know what it is you are doing but your eye has recovered more quickly than any patient I have treated with a growth as large as the one we removed, you have 20/20 vision even with shingles! Your skin is also glowing, whatever you are doing, don’t stop!” The only thing I have added to many prayers for healing have been Bettergreens, BetterHormones and BetterGlow! So, thank you!


I’ve been drinking BetterHormones and WOW! The thyroid bloating is gone! I’ve been sleeping so much better and I can tell it’s helping with my mood swings, too. Can’t wait to see what all 30 days does. I also have to share that I’ve tried A LOT to help my thyroid as I’m considered too young to be medicated properly for hypothyroidism. I’m hoping this is the cure moving forward and will never have to medicate.


Honestly I love the BetterHormones! I feel happier, more motivated, I’ve been sleeping so much better, I get hormonal acne and I’ve noticed my face is clearer during my period/ovulation cycle. I’ve also been taking glow/greens everyday and I can’t get enough.


I have not been NEARLY as moody during PMS. Unfortunately, ever since I turned 30, my mood swings have been horrible. I was never like that before 30. I’m just so grateful I feel back to myself! Like everyone else, less acne, more energy, less  crashing. I take BetterHormones and BetterGreens…..LOVE!


Ordered BetterHormones this past month. Been going through an extremely stressful year and also can relate with the anxiety creeping in…haven’t been sleeping well, racing heart at night, etc. Well the first night I took it, I slept 7.5 hours! Wow! I couldn’t believe it! I had to check the label to see if there was melatonin in there! Not only is the flavor amazing, but I couldn’t believe how much better I slept! Thank you!


Swear on my life…in situations that normally would leave me frazzled this week, I’ve been able to be more stable.


I think the key is the three formulas (greens, hormones, glow) together at the right times in the day. The Betterhormones finished the circle and now I’m complete. I will never be able to go without your products.


I’ve lost 2 pounds somehow and I think it’s because my cortisol has decreased a bit from the hormone supplement helping stabilize my thyroid. I get weight fluctuations easily because of my autoimmune disease and even on my period last week and also flared a little I didn’t fluctuate, except in weight loss. I’ve been waiting to give a real review after using it for two weeks and this is incredible. 


I do greens & hormones and not only did my skin transform but my “monthly friends” were officially less painful. I usually have pretty debilitating cramps and headaches. So, thank you! I need to add glow now.


I’ve been using Betterhormones for almost a full month now and can I just say I’ve noticed a HUGE difference with my period this month vs before?? I’ve had way less cramping (like significantly less) and no nausea like I usually get. My mood is so much more stable and my appetite and energy have remained normal. Also no crazy cravings. Wow. I am so impressed. Will definitely be keeping these stocked!


woman holding a pack of BetterDaysCo drink in Better glow

Yesterday we were with friends looking at my son’s wedding pictures from eight years ago, and one of my friends said “my gosh you look exactly the same!”. Telling you this stuff is great for your skin! Beauty from the inside out. I won’t be without it!


Just wanted to say thank you. I’ve had the worst bacne since like January when all that stuff was happening with my kids. I started drinking the Betterglow about a week ago and it is completely gone.


I have never gotten more compliments on my skin from others in the last week since adding this.


I’ve struggled with acne and skin spots the last couple years and going into my 30s I have seen a complete 180 after using BetterGlow- that paired with the greens (juicy lime is also my favorite). I am glowing and feeling so much more confident! Amazing product and this is from someone who literally never leans into new products. So thankful!

After daily use for 2 months BetterGlow made my eczema go away, completely!