The Always Pan 2.0

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The Always Pan 2.0 on a kitchen countertop

I own so many products from Our Place and love them all. But, my favorite has to be the trusty Always Pan! This month, I am SO excited about the launch of the Always Pan 2.0; the newest version of Our Place’s best-selling product that streamlines your kitchen like no other!

The Always Pan 2.0

Cooking and baking is something I have always loved, and I love having products that help make the process and cleanup easy! The Always Pan 2.0 is the best product for that. This 10.5 inch pan does it all! From braising, searing, steaming, straining and frying to boiling, baking, serving and roasting, this all-in-one pan replaces 10 common kitchen items including your skillet, spatula, spoon rest, fry pan and more! Plus, the Always Pan 2.0 is now oven safe! 

Another aspect of the new Our Place Always Pan 2.0 that I’m so excited about is the Thermakind ceramic non-stick coating! It’s exclusive to the Always Pan 2.0 and lasts 50% longer than the original coating! Free of PTFE’s, PFOA’s, lead, cadmium and other toxic materials usually found in non-stick cookware.

Our Place’s products, including the new Always Pan 2.0, are the best for you & your kitchen. I love the minimal design of all the products as well as the amazing color choices. And what makes Our Place even better is that they use recycled and sustainable materials, are a woman-owned business and that 80% of their products are sourced from a women-owned factory!

  1. Too excited about the ALWAYS PAN 2.0! I use ours every day and can’t wait to see it help me make the most of my time in the kitchen.
  2. This PERFECT POT is another amazing cooking piece I use often in my kitchen. So great for soups, but can also be used to bake, boil, crisp and steam.
  3. Too excited about the ALWAYS PAN 2.0! I use ours every day and can’t wait to see it help me make the most of my time in the kitchen.
  4. Love all the pieces that come in this OUR PLACE STARTER SET! 12 pieces and so great for serving and eating.
  5. These DRINKING GLASSES come in so many amazing colors and are such great glasses!
  6. I love the size of these MIDI BOWLS! They’re the perfect size for soups, salads or protein bowls.
  7. These GATHER PLATTERS are so pretty and amazing serving dishes for all kinds of food.
  8. I love this OUR PLACE KNIFE TRIO and use all 3 often! The perfect set for all of your cutting and chopping needs in the kitchen.
  9. This WALNUT CUTTING BOARD is so beautiful, amazing quality and looks great on your counter.

woman showing her Always Pan 2.0