Life is Easier with Walmart +

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My easy grape hack reminded me that while WALMART+ makes my life easier with free delivery* from stores, my membership also has free shipping with no order minimum on so many fun gadgets online! I am so excited to share a few with you today. The “plus” in WALMART+ stands for all the ways you can save. Members can save by taking advantage of free delivery from stores, free shipping with no order minimum,  plus so much more! WALMART+ offers a free 30-day trial so you can test it out before committing to a monthly or annual membership (New members only). I can’t wait for you to explore WALMART+ and see how much easier it can make your life! *$35 order min. Restrictions apply. See Walmart+ Terms & Conditions.

Life is Easier with Walmart +

  • I love how easy this THERAGUN MINI is to use and pack. It is handheld and easy to toss in a bag if you have a long travel day!
  • Lunchtime is a breeze with these GLASS MEAL PREP CONTAINERS. I love that they come with so many different sizes.
  • Nothing is worse than when you toss your bag on your passenger seat and then one sharp turn sends everything flying. That’s why this HEADREST PURSE HOOK is such a great car accessory. 
  • I love when I can get a multipack of items I love so that I always have my product on hand, like this TOUCHLAND POWERMIST PACK!
  • I love how large this 2-IN-1 PANINI PRESS is. It makes cooking on it quicker and more efficient!
  • If I want LESSER EVIL POPCORN KERNELS I have to have them shipped to my door. Luckily my membership is quick and free!
  • Efficiency while putting my groceries away is my best friend. I am always sure to have this FRUIT AND VEGGIE WASH on hand.
  • In the spring and summer, a quick shoe is essential. I love these TIME AND TRU WOVEN SLIDES.
  • Having my tap water instantly filtered is a dream. This BEAUTIFUL BY PUR WATER FILTER collaboration is perfect for the job!

More from Walmart +

  • I love being able to spend time outside without damaging my skin. This already set up OUTDOOR UMBRELLA waiting for me in my backyard makes that happen!
  • Ready- made ice using a machine like this OPAL NUGGET ICE MAKER is a kitchen essential. 
  • This GLASS BEAD SET keeps Ozzy entertained for hours!
  • A quick and easy home decor upgrade can be done by using this MATTED GALLERY WALL SET.
  • The perfect outdoor set-up to pair with the striped umbrella is this OUTDOOR CHAISE LOUNGER.
  • I bought this UNDER SINK ORGANIZER TWO PACK during my spring deep clean!
  • The quickest blow dryer I have been able to find on the market is the DYSON BLOW DRYER. This one is certified refurbished and on sale!
  • Going into summer I like quick and easy snacks and treats. I have my eye on this SHAVED ICE MACHINE.
  • While Ii admit this PERSONAL SKINCARE CHILLER does not necessarily make my life easier, it does motivate me to do my nighttime skincare routine more frequently!
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