5 Benefits of Botox & My Updated Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

I started getting Botox injected into my forehead at age 30. For a few years I could go just 2x a year and the results would last. Now I go every 4 months to maintain with Dr. Zoe! She is the best I’ve found here in California. She starts by mapping out my face and carefully considers the areas I like to see improved. Zoe is great at avoiding the dreaded expressionless face that many injectors give their patients.

There are many benefits that come with BOTOX. As controversial as this procedure has been in the past, I’m a fan! When I lived in San Francisco I worked for a doctor who actually referred to himself as “the king of Botox” and learned so much during my 3 years assisting him. Finding Dr. Zoe has been a huge blessing since moving to San Diego. She’s become a great friend to me as well as my most trusted skincare doctor.  

Dr. Zoe wrote an amazing article on BOTOX. Her article, ‘AM I TOO YOUNG FOR BOTOX’’ walks you through the details of BOTOX, benefits, precautions & uses! She does an amazing job of answering the most common asked questions! Ps, I also go to Zoe for MICRONEEDLING & my fave PRP AQUAGOLD 

Along with the cosmetic benefits of BOTOX, there are many other reasons I’ve found along the way why you may want to consider BOTOX: 

5 Benefits of BOTOX

A Gummy Smile 

Did you know BOTOX can help in adjusting a “gummy smile”? To treat a gummy smile, your provider will carefully inject BOTOX into the upper lip muscles to temporarily paralyze them. This will prevent the contraction of the upper lip when you smile.


Doctors are starting to use BOTOX to treat migraines. I’ve known people who have received BOTOX for migraines before & have noticed amazing results! During treatment, your physician will inject BOTOX into your forehead, temples, and scalp. Results last for 4 to 6 months.

Wrinkle Prevention

This is one of the most common uses of BOTOX. By receiving BOTOX in your face, you can prevent fine lines & wrinkles in as early as your early 20’s & on! I love how Dr. Zoe talks about age & botox in her ARTICLE.


If you already are noticing wrinkles in your skin, BOTOX is a great way to help subtle them. Things like frown lines, forehead lines & crow’s feet can all be treated with BOTOX! This blockage helps smooth out dynamic wrinkles that are caused by repeated muscle contractions.

Excessive Sweating

BOTOX injections can block the chemical signals sent by nerves to stimulate the sweat glands. If the sweat glands do not receive these signals, they will not produce moisture. BOTOX injections are expected to temporarily stop the production of excessive sweat in the treated areas only, so you’ll continue to sweat normally in other areas of your body. 

My Updated Anti-Aging Skincare Routine 

As amazing as BOTOX is, it isn’t a substitution for keeping a consistent skin care routine. Many of you know my background in skincare. My dad is a dermatologist and I’ve been a licensed esthetician for 20 years. There are so many Anti-Aging products I’ve tried and several staples I absolutely LOVE!  You can read my first Anti-Aging skincare routine HERE. Here is an updated list. Some products are still the same as the post I wrote almost 2 years ago and some are new! 

Remember the proper order for your skincare:

benefits of botox and the proper order for your skincare on salty lashes
  • PHILOSOPHY PURITY is my all-time favorite basic cleanser. I use it daily! It takes eye make up off as well. I’ve used this for years! 
  • I started using this LHA CLEANSER a year ago and I am obsessed!
  • I’m a believer in double cleansing at night and alternate between ELEMIS, COLLEEN  ROTHSCHILD or DERMALOGICA PRE-CLEANSE as my first cleanse.
  • I am so into this Colleen Rothschild EXFOLIATOR! Gentle and effective!
  • You know how much I LOVE this FIRM RX EXFOLIATOR 
  • These DR. DENNIS GROSS PEEL PADS are my go-to when I need to do a mini at-home peel.
  • When it comes to skincare, I LOVE my SK-II ESSENCE. It has so many vitamins & minerals that are so beneficial for your skin! 
  • Vitamin C serums are essential for a brighter face! I love both C GLOW and CE FERULIC 
  • My girls & I love using CLEARSKIN for breakouts! You can use it daily & it totally helps prevent breakouts in our skin. I swear by this for teens! 
  • Wearing a sunscreen everyday is extremely important when it comes to keeping your skin young & healthy. I love this WEIGHTLESS PROTECTION SPF 45. It isn’t oily and can even be paired with an SPF FOUNDATION. I also love this ELTAMD UV SPF! The reviews speak for themselves! 
  • I love my LANEIGE LIP MASK. Personally, I use this nightly before bed. I am still 100% an AQUAPHOR girl for life! 
  • I love mixing this H.A. INTENSIFIER with my moisturizer! This is an amazing anti-aging formula I’ve used for years.

More items to LOVE