5 Sunless Tanners for Summer

5 Sunless Tanners for Summer

I’ve been self-tanning my whole adult life and feel like I have tried and tested all of the products on the market. I don’t lay in the sun without head to toe sunscreen and I don’t naturally tan. It’s more of a burn-peel-freckle and I avoid it at all costs. Because of this I apply sunless tanner 1-2x per week, religiously. When readers ask how to avoid it coming off on vacation, you can’t. Just exfoliate and reapply:)! 

Sunless tanning brings a lot of benefits! If you’re trying to minimize your time in the harsh UV rays of the summer sun, self-tanning is for you! Sun tanning can increase your risk of skin cancer, premature aging, dark spots and dry skin. There are so many great products on the market and I’m excited to share my 5 favorites with you. They have come a long way over the years and I love the naturally derived ingredients incorporated in most tanners now. 

Self-tanning can be intimidating! When applied incorrectly, you can be left with streaks, dark spots, uneven blending and stained hands.

Here are a few tips I love when self-tanning that help give you the perfect faux-glow:

Exfoliate and shave beforehand! Before I apply any tanner, I make sure my legs, arms and armpits are shaved. I also exfoliate with a SUGAR SCRUB in the shower to get rid of any dead skin and create a blank, smooth canvas for my self tanner. Doing all of this after you apply your self tanning can remove it.

Dry off completely & moisturize! I apply a body lotion all over, even on my hands and feet.

Use an APPLICATOR MITT! This helps to blend the self tanner easily, streak-free and helps to prevent your hands from staining.

Start from the bottom and work your way up. It can be hard to reach the upper/mid section of your back. If you can’t reach the middle of your back, you can easily train your partner or children to help you out (Ozzy can do it:)! I’ve heard this BACK APPLICATOR is also great. Mine should be here in 2 days. 

Don’t forget your face! Mix a couple SELF TANNING DROPS into your face moisturizer and apply to a clean, dry face.

5 Sunless Tanners

5 Sunless Tanners for Summer
  1. This ST. TROPEZ X ASHLEY GRAHAM ULTIMATE GLOW KIT comes with the Luxe Whipped Creme Mousse and an applicator mitt. I really love the glow this formula gives off- perfect for summer! Such an awesome, natural-looking color. It’s the best new tanner I’ve tried in a very long time! 
  2. I’ve loved this ST. TROPEZ EXTRA DARK MOUSSE for years! I love how evenly it applies and the natural looking glow it gives my skin! I love using it before big events of vacations. So great for all skin tones.
  3. Love these L’OREAL SUBLIME TANNING DROPS for my face and neck! I mix a couple of drops in with my moisturizer and love how well it blends into my skin. So easy to apply and reapply every few days. 
  4. The all natural formula of this COCO & EVE SUNNY HONEY TANNING MOUSSE is so good. Infused with amazing botanicals and ingredients, it sets and darkens after 2 hours of use and looks so good. 
  5. I love the clear formula of this JERGENS DEEP WATER TANNING MOUSSE. Derived from natural sugars and sets in so naturally to my skin. Love how it’s quick-drying and gives off an amazing sun-kissed glow!