August Amazon Buys

August 2020 Amazon Buys

August 2020 Amazon Buys
  1. This CALPHALON COOKWARE SET comes with 10 non-stick pieces. Such a great set for any kitchen and home. I love how they stack so easy in my cupboard! 
  2. These BENTO BOXES are so great for packing kid’s school lunches! They’re easy to wash and great for holding the perfect amount of food for kids. I found them via Tara Thueson who swears by them! 
  3. This WIND UP SOLAR CRANK RADIO is so cool! It comes with amazing features like a flashlight, power bank, SOS alarm, phone charge and radio! Great for emergencies.
  4. These BUG BITE SUCTION TOOL are so cool and great for getting out the gunk from any bug bite! They help relieve the itch and pain.
  5. My girls love these TIE DYE DISPOSABLE MASKS. I keep some on hand in my girls bags and my car.
  6. This MINI CLIP FAN is great for carseats, strollers or your desk. I have mine on my Peloton! 
  7. These WOMEN’S SLEEP SHIRTS are so soft and comfortable. Love them for wearing to bed or lounging at home and as a swimsuit coverup! 
  8. I am terrible at making homemade bread and this BREAD MACHINE is a necessity! Such a cool kitchen appliance and makes for a great gift.
  9. How cute is this SUMMER LINEN DRESS?! Love the pretty pattern and puff sleeves. So pretty.
  10. I have this CHECKERED MAKEUP BAG and love keeping it my car with some beauty & makeup necessities. It’s great for traveling as well!
  11. Love this GLAMCOR VANITY MAKEUP MIRROR! The LED lighting is great for doing your makeup and I love the added phone holder.
  12. This CERAMIC TERRAZZO PLANTER is so cute and great for indoor or outdoor decoration.
  13. Ozzy has a few pairs of these LINEN KIDS PAJAMAS and they’re so cute & cozy!