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I can hardly believe we are already Back to School shopping! Both of my sisters kids are headed back to school next Monday and several of my friends kids have already started school! So nuts. We go back the end of August and each year I regret waiting until the last minute to grab backpacks. By the time we usually get around to it, the choices are slim due to all the popular neutral backpacks selling out!

To be honest, we have more backpacks than I personally think we need. My kids all disagree. They each own 3-4 and truthfully, they use them all! One for school, one for sports, one for travel. Last year we ordered the Fjallraven BACKPACKS from Urban Outfitters. This year Avery ordered a HERSCHEL DAYPACK BACKPACK, also from Urban Outfitters. If you haven’t figured it out yet, my kids shop at UO 85-90% of the time..major fans over here! We own a lot of Herschel products and love them all. The design is simple and timeless and they last the entire school year!


  • I love the wash on the DAYPACKS! They all have that slight sun-bleached feel. Avery got black and I’m loving the red.
  • One thing I’ve noticed about high school here is how many girls don’t use backpacks. Instead they carry a giant binder and then use some sort of purse or pack.  This HERSCHEL BELT BAG is really fun!
  • A LAPTOP CASE is a must when kids own laptops!
  • Jeff uses this TRAVEL BAG all the time! It’s so awesome!
  • The SETTLEMENT BACKPACK is a little more heavy duty than the daypack. I think it’s better for younger kids who are extra rough with their things.
  • Poppy is super into this army green DAWSON BACKPACK! She had this same style 2 years ago and loved it!
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WHITE DRESS (wearing a small, could have done a XS, runs big)BACKPACK in BLACKBIRKENSTOCKS 


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