Back To School Outfits for Teen Girls + The AfterPay Program

School is starting back up again in California! That means lots of Back To School shopping which can also mean a lot of upfront cost on supplies and clothes! This is where AfterPay at Urban Outfitters can come in a help out! So what is AfterPay? Shop now, pay over time. Buy what you want today and pay for it over time with 4 equal installments billed every 2 weeks (14 days). Use your debit or credit card and get approved instantly. Pay nothing extra when you pay on time! All you need to do is choose afterpay as your payment option when you are ready to buy. When checking out, quickly create an account using an existing debit or credit card.

The automatic payments are then scheduled automatically. You must be 18 years or older to create an account and the order value must be between $35.00 and $1,000.00 USD. There is no wait time. afterpay uses a mobile phone number and a few personal details to create the account in under 2 minutes! Simple! I think this is awesome for teens who buy their own clothes or really want that $80 backpack for school and can earn babysitting/chore money to pay for it themselves over a two week period.  

This year, Avery is headed into High School & Poppy is on her way to 8th grade! With my girls growing more into their teen years, their style is adapting as well.  We picked out some perfect pieces that are practical, yet cool for both Poppy (13) and Avery(14). Teenagers want comfy, convenient and of course, cute clothes. 

avery and poppy of salty lashes sharing Teen Style with Urban Outfitters wearing vans, rompers, hershel and fjallraven backpacks


Finding the perfect backpack for your teen is one of the most important items on a Back to School list. With Avery and Poppy’s similar style and taste, picking out backpacks from Urban was easy. We were on the search for something cute, easily accessible and classroom-ready. They have so many options that are practical for teenage girls. We found backpacks that had enough space for their binder, notebooks, a lunch, a water bottle and a little extra room for other necessities.

Avery went with a simple, dark grey Fjallraven Backpack. The zippers pull all the way down the sides, making the backpack easy to get in and out of. Her backpack also comes with a pocket inside on the back, perfect for a binder or notebooks.

Poppy went with a solid black Herschel Backpack. This backpack is going to go with every outfit she will wear throughout the year. It also comes with easily accessible zippers and pockets, on both the front and inside. The shoulder straps are padded, making the backpack comfortable carrying from class to class.


Below are some outfit ideas for teen girls! I try to buy simple, practical and interchangeable pieces for Avery and Poppy. Buying tops, bottoms and shoes that can be paired together multiple ways will go far with teens! Investing in some quality, staple items (such as jeans and shoes), will give your girls free range to mix & match throughout the school year.

Outfit Idea #1:

avery and poppy of salty lashes sharing Teen Style with Urban Outfitters wearing vans, rompers, hershel and fjallraven backpacks

My girls have loved a good pair of Denim Shorts, paired with a fun tee and some cute Sneakers. Urban Outfitters has so many fun graphic printed shirts and band tees right now. This outfit is easy for them to throw on in the morning and comfy for them to wear during their classes.

Avery loves these light-wash, High-Waisted Shorts from Urban. She can dress them up or down with a simple, solid tee or one with a fun pattern or logo. She also added a Black Belt to tie everything together.

Urban sells the cutest Hair Accessories. Poppy and Avery love their Scrunchies, Hair Ties, Bandanas and Bows. These Hair Accessories add a little flare to any simple outfit.

Outfit Idea #2:

lisa allen of salty lashes daughter Avery in urban outfitters back to school

 Jumpsuits and Rompers. Both are made with comfortable, loose and breathable materials. These teens are sitting in class all day, so giving them something comfortable is essential in a Back To School outfit.

While the weather is still warm, Rompers provide a perfect, breathable outfit option.  When it starts to get chilly out, Jumpsuits are a great piece for teens to wear to school. Poppy and Avery love to throw on a Denim Jacket over their jumpsuit, and add some cute sneakers to top off the outfit.

Outfit Idea #3:

Summer dress

Summer dress. They have a wide selection of dresses that Poppy and Avery have loved! These dresses are easy for my girls to throw on in the morning and wear with a cute pair of Vans or sneakers. They love wearing these outfits to class. These Summer Dresses gives the girls a bit of a ‘dressed-up’ feel, while the sneakers balance out the outfit.

Outfit Idea #4:

Another outfit Avery and Poppy love to wear to school is a cute blouse, paired with some of their comfiest jeans. Once the weather cools down, this outfit is perfect and practical for teenage girls. Blouses are breathable, but won’t feel too ‘fancy’ when paired with some High-Waisted Denim Jeans. Avery and Poppy will pair the outfit with some easy Sneakers, or some cute Booties, if they feel like dressing the outfit up.

avery and poppy of salty lashes sharing Teen Style with Urban Outfitters wearing vans, rompers, hershel and fjallraven backpacks

Must Have Back to School Accessories

S’well Water Bottle: These 17oz. water bottles are perfect for your teen! They come in so many fun patterns, there is one to fit every style! They keep liquids cold for 24 hours and will last Poppy and Avery all day at school. They are also dishwasher safe, so I can pop it in the dishwasher for a nice clean.

Scrunchies/Hair Accessories: Avery and Poppy loves these Hair Accessories from Urban Outfitters. They’ll tie a fun Scrunchie on a ponytail or messy bun, or use one of these Bandanas to tie around the end of a braid. If your teen is running late in the morning, these are also handy accessories that can liven up a last-minute outfit.

Notebooks: Urban carries some of the cutest notebooks! They have so many unique patterns for your teen to choose from. They also sell Planners; Perfect for helping keep teens on track with homework and busy schedules.

Shoes: We have always loved Urban Outfitters variety of shoes. They have so many perfect options appropriate for class. They carry Sandals, Sneakers and Booties that will last my girls the entire school year & go with any outfit they wear to class.

Back to School Shopping for my teens has been a breeze. Urban had everything they needed and Avery and Poppy are so excited to wear their new pieces to school! Urban always carries styles that are new, and in, so your teen will feel refreshed and stylish throughout the school year!

avery and poppy of salty lashes sharing Teen Style with Urban Outfitters wearing vans, rompers, hershel and fjallraven backpacks


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