Backcountry Gift Guide 2019

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This holiday season, I made it a goal to focus more on family-centered activities! A great way to incorporate this goal into Christmas is by giving family-centered gifts to those you love!

As you know Backcountry is a favorite site of ours with hundreds of amazing gifts for the whole family! We love being outdoors & adventuring together. I love how Backcountry encourages family-centered fun all year round! There are so many great gifts the whole family can love and enjoy together! Bonus: you can use our exclusive code: SALTY15 and save 15% off at (some exclusions apply). 

I love Backcountry’s wide variety of clothing and accessories for the whole family. I recently bought this PATAGONIA RAVEN ROCKS JACKET. Also, I wore it in brown in last year’s BACKCOUNTRY GIFT GUIDE. It is beyond comfy & so cute! I was more than excited to add these BEYOND YOGA LEGGINGS to my collection, and they’re definitely a favorite! This SLIM RACERBACK TANK matches perfectly with the leggings. And- how cute are these ADIDAS SOLAR BOOST RUNNING SHOES?! They have some great color options to choose from! 

I’ve found 10 AMAZING gifts for the whole family at Backcountry! I love that all of these gifts encourage time spent as a family enjoying nature- there is nothing better! I’m loving the idea of family-centered gifts this Christmas & am so excited to see the memories we make with them.

Backcountry Gift Guide 2019

  1. I looooove my PATAGONIA JACKET! Patagonia has amazing outerwear options for the WHOLE family! They’re amazing high- quality jackets for all weather & conditions!
  2. I’ve been OBSESSED with PATAGONIA’S TRAVEL BAGS! They have a wide variety of sizes and colors for all kinds of trips & travel! This 70L DUFFEL BAG is the best weekender. It fits so much! They also have a WHEELED OPTION for easier travel. The Wheeled Version has a hard backing & is more built for frequent travel!  If you’d like something a little bigger, this 100L BLACK HOLE DUFFEL is a great check-in bag! You could fit clothing for multiple members of your family in this! They offer a WHEELED VERSION of the 100L Duffel as well!  I love that their bags are weather-proof and durable.
  3. How perfect would the GOPRO HERO8 be for a family gift!? GoPro’s are easy to use and create amazing quality pictures & videos! My girls would have a blast taking this a=on a vacation and I would love to see the world through their eyes!
  4. I love my ADIDAS SOLAR BOOST SNEAKERS! Such comfortable sneakers for working out, running or hiking! 
  5. These HERSCHEL TOILETRY BAGS hold so much and are so cute! I love all the color options! These make a great gift and they’re under $50!
  6. HYDROFLASKS are great gifts for the whole family! They have the perfect sizes and color varieties! Their water bottles are durable and keep water cold for SO long! Great stocking stuffers!
  7. These LAFUMA POP-UP CHAIRS are so great for beach trips and camping! I love all the fun color options!
  8. We always take YOGA MATS to the beach to sit or play on! They’re great durable mats for keeping sand or dirt away! These make great gifts!
  9. FJALLRAVEN KANKEN BACKPACKS are the cutest backpacks. My girl’s love them! They even have MINI ONES! Perfect for Ozzy & Goldie!
  10. We LOVE our YETI TUNDRA COOLER! They really are the best coolers and so worth the investment. We take ours to the beach & camping! We love this HOPPER COOLER that’s perfect for hikes or picnics!
Backcountry Gift Guide 2019 Backcountry Gift Guide 2019 Backcountry Gift Guide 2019 Backcountry Gift Guide 2019 patagonia travel bags