The BEST 6 Moves to Tone Your Arms

As I mentioned last month, Poppy and I are training twice a week with trainer, Kim Kelly. It has been so much harder than I expected to get back in shape after Ozzy. I haven’t put in the work like I did with the other girls and often let the day pass me by before I realize it’s time for bed and I am still in my workout clothes, minus the workout. Who can relate to that? Because training with Kim is replacing Poppy’s P.E, I have been committed begin there and more motivated at home to get my own workout in. Having been a trainer for a few years, I often go back to old workouts of mine, including this ARM workout. 6 moves, that are effective!! I just finished mine for today, your turn..



Before you begin any at home workout, grab your weighted jumprope and jump 50-100 jumps. This will increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism. Once your get comfortable with this set up 6 moves, add 50-100 jumps between each move!

 PUSH-UPS till failure

SINGLE ARM SHOULDER LIFTS. This is easily my favorite arm move. Stand tall. Holding the weight, bend your elbow bringing the weight up to your side. Now lift out and up. Nice high elbow. 12 on each side.

OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENTION. Grab a weight in both hands and extend those arms. Go for 20  reps.

TRICEP EXTENSION. Lean forward and stick that booty out. Tighten your abs and keep your elbow high as you lift up and back. You can do both arms at the same time or one at a time. Just make sure you get 12 reps for each arm.

ALTERNATING LIFTS. Starting at your hips lift the weights straight up (one arm at a time) in front with a straight back and your core engaged. 12 reps on each arm.

BICEP CURLS. Keeping your feet flat with a slight bend in your knees. Start at base and lift up. Make sure your elbows stay in tight and you SQUEEZE your biceps at the top. 12 reps

Finish up with PUSHUPS till failure. Try and do 3 rounds of this. If you are starting out. Do one round and then work your way up to 3.

What’s better than new workout clothes? Not much;)

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