The Best Drugstore Moisturizers & Products

When I posted my ANTI-AGING FAVORITES, I received several requests for less expensive options. To be totally honest, when it comes to skincare, I believe in spending money on quality medical grade products. That’s not to say you can’t find great drugstore products, because you can! The other night while scrolling my news app, I came across a post titled  The Best Drugstore Moisturizers, According to Dermatologists. I got super excited, hoping this would provide some insight for me to offer those looking for a less expensive facial cream.

I’ve mentioned before my dad is a dermatologist and looking over this list brought back a lot of memories working in his office. Most of these are brands and products I’ve seen my dad recommend throughout the years to his patients. Best drugstore moisturizers by Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes

Words in bold are direct links to products

OLAY REGENERIST – this is the only product not listed in the article, but this a product I genuinely love! In my late 20’s I used this for years. It works great!

No7 – “90 percent of the signs of aging come from unprotected UV exposure,” explains Dr. Gohara. “A daily moisturizer with SPF kills two birds with one stone and keeps you looking younger longer.”

LA ROSCHE-POSAY – “This moisturizer helps to nourish the skin barrier, leaving the skin dewy and radiant and also helps prevent irritation,” says Dr. Mona Gohara

SKINFIX I am for sure trying this one! “This may be an ointment, but it literally melts into your skin and is perfect for those who get dry eyelids or a patch of skin on the face that gets chapped,” says Dr. Mariwalla. “It doesn’t look like a greasy mess, and it improves the skin immediately.”

NEUTROGENA This gel base moisturizer is extremely light, and can be used across a variety of skin types and during all seasons without wearing the skin down. Plus, it has hyaluronic acid in it which is huge in skincare right now!

CETAPHIL – If you are prone to breakouts, this will provide moisturizer without adding oil to the skin.

EUCERIN – Oh my dad loves Eucerin for dry skin on the body.

“This is a great inexpensive moisturizer whether you have sensitive skin or not,” says Dr. Frank. “It lasts all day, is not too thick, and absorbs well. The lotion is very cooling, with menthol, which makes it great for summertime.”

AQUAPHOR – You know I am a huge fan of Aquaphor. I have at least 3 tubes for me lips within arms reach in my room, bathroom and car at all times. I’ve never used it on my face, but I swear it’s incredible for your body and rough spots.

CETAPHIL SPF 50 – I also love Cetaphil products. They are great non-irritating and gentle on the skin. It’s light, so in my opinion it’s great for daytime. I prefer a thick moisturizer at night.

There are several drugstore beauty products I often buy when in comes to hair and makeup. Here are a few I love. Words in bold are links to products.

CREST WHITE STRIPS – I personally think these work better than in-office treatments.

REAL TECHNIQUES FOUNDATION BRUSH – this is great for blending liquid foundations.

CONCEALER BRUSH – My girl, Kayti is the queen of quick makeup tutorials. Her concealer always looks amazing using this brush. I bought it and love it too, get it!

NYX GLOSS – my absolute favorite colored gloss, hands down. I wear the color Strawberry Parfait

EYELASH CURLER– this is a good one

NYX CONTOUR STICK – this is such a simple contour stick to use! It blends so well and is super easy to use. You’ll love it!

BROW PENCIL – this is a great dupe for my ANASTASIA PENCIL. Tip: go one shade darker than you think.

AQUAPHOR – you always ask what I have on my lips. It’s so boring and basic to say, but 9 out of 10 times, it’s good ole Aquaphor

JERGEN’S WET SKIN – I love this! I keep in the shower and slather it on as soon as I turn the water off. Try it. I love the coconut scent most.

NYX CONCEALER – this is a great dupe for Tarte Amazonian Clay. Great coverage for about $5!

DOVE DRY SHAMPOO – the scent is light and it doesn’t cause build up on your scalp.

BURTS BEES – I’m the girl who wore chapstick on my WEDDING DAY. This chapstick in the color Hibiscus.

AVEENO – this is the body wash my whole family uses.

KRISTIN ESS DRY SHAMPOO – when I am at Target, I try to remember to pick up a can of this. I love how it smells. I’ve tried a few of her products, but this is the only I will buy on repeat.

L’OREAL MASCARA – I personally think this is the best drugstore mascara! It doesn’t smudge or transfer on my lids.

SCUNCI – the only mini hair ties that don’t break. I use these daily on Goldie and Ozzy

WET BRUSH – game changer when it comes to brush your hair. For real. Best drugstore hairbrush.

NEUTROGENA FACE WIPES – I keep these on my nightstand. They are perfect for all the lazy nights when I don’t want to wash  my face.