Best of Amazon Prime Day 2023

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2023


collage of items from Amazon Prime Day 2023
  1. This RING INDOOR CAM is on sale for 50% off its original price and goes so well in any home! Love the quality. 
  2. This ECHO DOT comes with a bluetooth colored lightbulb for $29! This is a great way to get started on your smart home electronics. 
  3. This AMAZON FIRE TABLET is on sale for $55 and is so great for adults and kids! Up to 13 hours of battery life & able to hold all your favorite apps! 
  4. These AMAZON SMART PLUGS are so cool and only $13 a piece during Prime Day! 
  5. This KINDLE PAPERWHITE SIGNATURE EDITION BUNDLE comes with a Kindle Paperwhite, cover and wireless charging dock for $162. Amazing for readers. 
  6. We use our BLUETOOTH PROJECTOR all the time for movie nights and love it! This one is on sale for just above $100! 
  7. DIGITAL CAMERAS are making a comeback with teens and young adults and this one is only $42! So fun for summer. 
  8. We have one of these NECK MASSAGERS and love it. It’s so great for your neck, back and shoulders! On sale for under $40.
  9. Love these ANKER POWER BANK CHARGERS. A must-have for travel and so good for college students, too! 
  10. We love our CROSLEY VINYL RECORD PLAYER! It doubles as a bluetooth speaker and makes for the best vibes. On sale for under $65

More Electronics Products

  1. This SAMSUNG 65” OLED 4K TV is on sale for 19% off its original price during Prime Day! 
  2. This GOPRO HERO11 BLACK CAMERA is on sale for $350! Amazing quality and so fun for so many activities. 
  3. Love this ANKER BLUETOOTH SPEAKER on sale for $40! Perfect for using in the house, at the beach or anywhere you go.
  4. This THERAGUN MINI 2.0 is on sale for $197 and amazing for working out knots and relieving sore muscles. Great to keep in your gym bag.
  5. Love these BLINK OUTDOOR CAMERAS for around your house! They install and connect easily. Pack of 3 for $105.
  6. The AMAZON FIRE STICK is on sale for $25 during Prime Day! Offers amazing, fast streaming to any TV! 
  7. So excited to try these AMAZON ECHO EARBUDS! They’re on sale for Prime Day and look so cool. Only $35! 
  8. This ECHO SHOW is only $82 on sale! Amazing for accessing Alexa, making video calls and keeping track of your calendar/reminders. It also streams shows and music! 


collage of the Best beauty products of Amazon Prime Day 2023
  1. This NUFACE TRINITY COMPLETE SET comes with a facial toning device as well as a gel and added attachments. So great for achieving firm, toned skin! 
  2. I’ve heard great things about this SHARK HYPERAIR BLOW DRYER! It comes with 2 attachments and is on sale for $160.
  3. This BRAUN EPILATOR is amazing for removing body hair and achieving smooth skin everywhere. 
  4. I love my WATERPIK FLOSSER and how clean my teeth feel after using it! On sale for $50.
  5. This HAIR SPRAY BOTTLE is so great for misting hair! Only $5.50 during the sale.
  6. These GOLD UNDER EYE PATCHES are hydrating and firming and come in a pack of 20 for $14.
  7. This GEL MANICURE SET comes with everything you need to do your own gel nails at home for only $24! 
  8. This SONICARE RECHARGEABLE TOOTHBRUSH is on sale for $80 and such great quality. 
  9. Heard great things about this BEAUTY OF JOSEON GINSENG ESSENCE WATER. It sounds great for fresh, clean skin. 
  10. This LASH LIFT KIT is on sale for under $25 and comes with everything you need to give yourself a lash lift at home! 
  11. This JADE ROLLER AND GUA SHA STONE feels so good on a fresh oiled face or over a sheet mask! 
  12. These KITSCH HEATLESS CURLERS come in a pack of 6 for $14 and work great for heatless, overnight curls. 
  13. I love using my ICE ROLLER on my face and neck in the mornings! It wakes me up and helps tighten my skin. 
  14. This 3 FOLD LIGHT MIRROR is only $17 during Prime Day and so good for the best makeup lighting. 
  15. This MULTI STICK TRIO SET comes with a blush, highlight and contour! I think all the shades are so pretty.
  16. These HAIR WRAP TOWELS are my favorite after the shower and help dry my hair quicker and less frizzy.
  17. This 2 PACK OF BROW GEL is on sale for under $7 and so great for achieving full brows that stay in place.
  18. Excited about this RED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICE on sale for $89. Red light is great for anti-aging, wrinkles and acne. 
  19. This BARE REPUBLIC CLEARSCREEN SUNSCREEN is transparent, non-greasy and rich with vitamins! 
  20. These RITUAL SYMBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS are a probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic all in one! Great for gut health. On sale for $60.

More Beauty Products

  1. I love using these DERMAPLANING RAZORS on my skin to get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin. Pack of 12 for $9!
  2. I’m so excited this SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES LACTIC ACID TREATMENT is on sale! Amazing for improving the appearance and feel of your skin.
  3. This TWO PACK OF GARNIER MICELLAR WATER is on sale for under $20. Great for using to cleanse your skin.
  4. I use these LUMIEUX TEETH WHITENING STRIPS all the time! I love the clean ingredients and quick results. 
  5. These OMEGA 3 FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS are a great addition to your daily health routine. Great for brain and heart health.
  6. This TULA PROBIOTIC EYE BALM cools the skin and targets dark spots. 
  7. These ELEMIS DYNAMIC RESURFACING FACIAL PADS are great for smoothing and exfoliating your skin.
  8. I’ve used this L’OREAL PARIS ELVIE 8 WONDER WATER before and loved it! Great for silky, shiny hair. 
  9. This BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO smells amazing and works so well! On sale for $12.
  10. This FINISHING TOUCH FACE EPILATOR is great for removing extra hair around your lip or eyebrows. Under $20.
  11. Love this 4 PACK OF MAKEUP SPONGES for $13.
  12. This SUN BUM SPF 30 SUNSCREEN is on sale for under $20 and smells so good. Summer must have
  13. Love this FOREO LUNA FACIAL CLEANSING DEVICE! It gives such a gentle yet deep cleanse and is on sale for Prime Day!
  14. This PHILOSOPHY AMAZING GRACE SHOWER GEL smells so good and has been a favorite for years!


collage of the Best home products of Amazon Prime Day 2023
  1. These GLASS STORAGE CONTAINERS come with 24 pieces for $40! 
  2. This BREVILLE STAINLESS STEEL JUICER is amazing quality and a great kitchen  appliance. On sale for $125.
  3. This AMAZON DUTCH OVEN is on sale for under $50 and other great kitchen items. Great for so many things! 
  4. These AMAZON TOWELS are great quality and on sale for $25! Love the colors they come in.
  5. Love this DOUBLE BASKET NINJA AIR FRYER on sale for $150! Great for frying multiple foods at once and for feeding large families! 
  6. This SHARK CORDLESS HANDHELD VACUUM is on sale for $100 and super powerful. Great for having around the house. 
  7. This COWAY AIR PURIFIER is a great product for anyone’s home. On sale for $150! 
  8. Love my KITCHENAID CLASSIC STAND MIXER and am so glad it’s on sale for Prime Day. It comes in black and white and is $280.
  9. This DYSON OUTSIZE+ CORDLESS VACUUM is on sale for almost 30% off its original price! Love mine. 
  10. I’ve heard amazing things about UNDER DESK WALKING TREADMILLS! This one is $100 during Prime Day! 
  11. Love the waffle knit on this THROW BLANKET. It comes in 4 sizes and so many great colors! 
  12. These CANDLE WARMING LAMPS are so cute and such a great idea. Set of 2 for $72. 
  13. This FULL SIZE MIRROR comes in black and gold trim and is so cute for any home and any room! On sale for under $80. 
  14. These RIBBED DRINKING GLASSES are so cute! Love the vintage look. Set of 4 for $26.
  15. This 3000 PIECE SET OF GOLD PLASTIC SILVERWARE is so pretty for parties and hosting! On sale for 430. 
  16. Love this CHECKERED THROW BLANKET! It’s so cozy, comes in some great colors and is $30 on sale. 
  17. I love the design on this TUFTED DUVET COVER! It comes in 4 cute colors and is so cute for a teen’s room. 
  18. These OIL DISPENSERS are so cute to have out on your kitchen counter filled with your favorite cooking oils! Pack of 2 for $12.
  19. These SODA CAN SHAPED CUPS are so cute and come with lids and straws! Set of 6 for under $20.

More Home Products

  1. This GOLDEN TRIM PICTURE FRAME is so pretty and simple! I love that it goes with any style home. 
  2. Love this PLASTIC BAG ORGANIZER for my plastic wraps and baggies. 
  3. This GE COUNTERTOP ICE MAKER is always a Prime Day favorite! 
  4. These TOUCH CONTROL GOLD LAMPS are beautiful and come in a set of two for $64.
  5. Love the design of this WHITE CERAMIC VASE! Such a cool piece and on sale for $15.
  6. These PLASTIC STORAGE BINS are great for so many rooms and spaces in any home! Set of 6 for under $70.
  7. This GOOSE FEATHER DOWN COMFORTER is super soft and hypoallergenic. On sale for under $70.
  8. I love this set of MATTE PLATES AND BOWLS! It comes with 12 pieces for $54.
  9. These SOLID WOOD WISHBONE DINING CHAIRS are so pretty and come in a set of two! I love all the color options. 
  10. Love these GLASS STRAWS for drinks and smoothies at home! 12 pack for $7.
  11. This RATTAN NIGHTSTAND is so cute and on sale for under $60! It comes in black, dark brown and tan.
  12. These VELVET HANGERS are my favorite and the best for your clothes! A 60 pack is on sale for $29.
  13. This FAUX 5 FT OLIVE TREE is so pretty and a great accent decor piece! Under $85.
  14. Love the vintage style of this ULTREAN 2 SLICE TOASTER! On sale for $44.
  15. Everyone loves this ORGANIC PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER! All flavors on sale for Prime Day.
  16. Love this MARY RUTH’S LIQUID MULTIVITAMIN! It tastes delicious and is so easy to take everyday.
  17. This TINECO FLOOR ONE S3 FLOOR CLEANER is a vacuum and mop all in one. It gives every floor surface an amazing clean! On sale for $400.
  18. These TRACE MINERAL DROPS are great to add to filtered water to make sure you’re getting in your necessary minerals in your water. 
  19. This SOLO STOVE BONFIRE is such a cool product and great for any home. On sale for $345.


collage of the Best accessories products of Amazon Prime Day 2023
  1. This 2 PIECE LOUNGE SET is a cute Free People knockoff and comes in some adorable colors! 
  2. This SILK WOMEN’S PAJAMA SET is so soft and on sale for $20! Adorable colors to choose from.
  3. These SOJOS AVIATOR SUNGLASSES are so cute and come in so many cute style and color options. 
  4. Love these CLOUD SLIDES and all the cute colors they come in. So comfortable!
  5. This 4 PACK OF RETRO SUNGLASSES is adorable! All of the colors are so cute. 4 for $15.
  6. Love these CHUNKY PLATFORM SANDAL HEELS! The classic design is easy to style and the color options are super cute. 
  7. These GOLD CHUNKY HOOPS come in some great sizes and are the best everyday earrings.
  8. I love this INITIAL PENDANT NECKLACE and the cute chain style. On sale for $11.
  9. All of the bracelets in this 5 PACK OF GOLD CHAIN BRACELETS are so cute and great for a cute stack. Love all the chain designs. 
  10. I’ve heard great things about these MOSQUITO REPELLENT STICKERS! A must-have for the summer. Pack of 90 for under $10.
  11. Love this SHOE TRAVEL BAG! It holds up to 3 pairs and keeps your other belongings separated and clean. 
  12. How cute are these CROP TOP SLEEVELESS TANK TOPS?! They come in a 3 pack and are great for the gym.
  13. This LARGE RUBBER TOTE BAG is so good and perfect for the beach. I love the shape and material.
  14. These BATH BOMBS are so fun and the shapes and colors are so cute. 6 bath bombs for $13.

More Accessories from Amazon Prime Day 2023

  1. This TENNIS NECKLACE is so pretty and under $15! So cute to style and layer.
  2. How cute are these LAYERED GOLD INITIAL NECKLACES?! I love the chain styles and pendant design. On sale for $17.
  3. Love these PLATFORM WEDGE SANDALS so much! The style is adorable and they’re under $30.
  4. This WRANGLER HOBO PURSE is the perfect size and style. I love the strap and relaxed design.
  5. These EYEGLASSES CHAINS are so cute and come in so many styles! Great for prescription glasses or sunglasses.
  6. These BIRKENSTOCK FLIP FLOPS are a part of the Prime Day Sale and so cute for summer! 
  7. This 3 PIECE LUGGAGE SET is only $150 and amazing for travel. Love the spinner wheels and locking handles. 
  8. I love the style of these SOJOS SQUARE FRAME SUNGLASSES! The vintage look is so cute for summer. 
  9. Love all the colors this STRAW VISOR comes in! Great for hair up or hair down styles and super cute for days in the sun. 
  10. This ANCESTRY DNA GENETIC TEST is only $119 during Prime Day! So cool for getting to know more about yourself and who came before you.
  11. I have this OROLAY DOWN JACKET and love it for the colder weather! Such a cute style.