Biossance Squalane Retinol Night Serum 

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I can always count on Biossance to create incredible skincare products for all of my skincare needs. Recently, Biossance sent me their SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM to try and I was obsessed from the first use. I’m a huge advocate for everyone including retinol in their skincare routines and this SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM is the perfect way to do that.

Everything about the SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM is incredible, from the formula & benefits to the added squalane and sustainable packaging. I love how it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens my skin tone, increases collagen and leaves my skin bouncy & firm. The combo of retinol and retinal create results that are incomparable!

It’s easy to add this SQUALANE RETINOL NIGHT SERUM into your nightly skincare routine. You can use a pea-sized amount of the SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM to clean, dry skin 2x a week, and gradually increase from there. It’s important to apply an SPF the following morning after each use. I love how I can see & feel the results when I wake up in the morning. The time-release, encapsulated retinol works through the night and you’ll love how it transforms your skin! 

This powerful serum hydrates your skin and brightens your complexion for the next day. The strength of the retinol is key to youthful, bouncy and healthy skin. I love that Biossance adds squalane into all of their products. Squalane enhances the delivery of retinoids and  is amazing for nourishing your skin, complimenting the natural squalane your own body produces and minimizes irritation.. Plus, the SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM is infused with rosemary and saffron that provide antioxidant benefits and further help your skin!

The SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM is a hero Biossance product with amazing benefits to all skin types. You can use code LASHES20 at checkout for 20% off to begin seeing the incredible results this product has to offer your skin.  Introducing your skin to retinol is so important and this SQUALANE + RETINOL NIGHT SERUM is the best way to do that!