Boxer Braids aka Dutch Braids : Teen Style

I recently filmed a few hair videos for kids & teens with my dear friend of 20 years, Megan Hess. We’re starting off with Boxer Braids ( more commonly referred to as Dutch Braids), the perfect look for teen style. Megan did my hair when we both lived in Arizona. She gave me lots of short bobs with dark purple underneath and platinum on top, my request ( it was cool around 2001;)) We both made our way to California where I would either drive from Orange County to Long Beach( to have my hair colored by Megan) or visit my friend Marissa in Arizona.

It wasn’t until Ozzy was born that I said goodbye to those 2+ hour drives and found Brittany (watch our EASY KNOT and BEACH WAVES videos). They are all equally great and I feel super lucky to know several great hair colorists!  Megan is leaving California after 14 years and headed back to AZ. You can find her contact info on her Instagram @cut_and_dry 

I’ve said this before, but incase you are new here.. I am a mom to four girls and I don’t know how to braid beyond a basic three strand, it’s true. Avery, Poppy and even Goldie all braid better than me. They also do cartwheels better than me, but I’ll save that for a different day.

We Love Scunci

No matter what skillset each of us have or what hairstyle we are doing, we continue to reach for Scunci hair ties, bobby pins, elastics, clips and scrunchies. We go through about 100 of the clear elastics each month, they are my favorite. They don’t break easily like others I’ve tried. My girls are all loving the scrunchie, which brings back all sorts of memories from the 80’s and 90’s.

More on Scuni HERE.

What Are Boxer Braids?

I actually had no idea these braids were called “boxer braids”. I assumed they were just dutch braids or  messy french braids. I’m pretty sure the Kardashians are to credit for the new term on these double braids I see all over Instagram.

Poppy does these are herself regularly. She’s our go-to in house braiding expert. Avery typically wears her hair down or in a high pony, so it’s fun to see her hair this way!



Avery Harris of Salty Lashes wearing Boxer braids for a youtube tutorial Avery Harris of Salty Lashes wearing Boxer braids for a youtube tutorial scunci hair styles

You first saw this TOP in THIS post & JEANS 


Stay tuned for more hair tutorials for teens and kids with Scunci!