December Amazon Buys | Salty Lashes

December Amazon Buys

This month, I found some great items on Amazon that I’ve loved! And of course, need to share! There’s some cute clothing pieces I’m super impressed with and some gadgets that I think are worth purchasing!

December Amazon Buys

December Amazon Buys - Salty Lashes

  • Goldie, Poppy and Jeff love this PEPPERMINT TEA! It has the perfect subtle taste and is great for winding down at night or treating a cold.
  • We use this  KETTLE for our tea! It boils water fast and is easy to clean. $43 & worth every penny!
  • Bai makes the yummiest drinks! The COCONUT/PINEAPPLE FLAVOR is hard to find around here so we buy on Amazon! This pack of 12 is $20!
  • This REDMOND REAL SALT PACK comes with 4 natural, unrefined, organic salts! These are a great, clean salt to use in your cooking.
  • How gorgeous is this WANDER AGIO BEACH COVER UP? It’s so cute & only $17! The knit is so beautiful. I first saw this via Somewhere Lately! 
  • I’ve been seeing these THERAGUNS lately and needed to try one! They’re massage guns used to help sore areas on your body after working out. They come with a few attachment head options. 
  • I use this SELFIE RING LIGHT for great lighting in pictures! If you’re looking for consistent light in photos, this is a great investment. Basically Arielle told me to get this, so I did! 
  • Goldie & Ozzy wore these NIGHTGOWNS on Christmas Eve! They are so beautiful. This WHITE ONE is a favorite as well as this BABY BLUE ONE.
  • This VITRUVI DIFFUSER is so pretty! I love all the color options, I can’t pick a favorite!
  • This AIRPODS CASE is only $9 and comes in a ton of great colors. My family and I always get our airpods mixed up so these help you differentiate whose is who’s.
  • This SILKY SATIN PJ SET is so cute! My teenagers sleep in this every night. Only $24!
  • I think this KINDERFEETS DOLL STROLLER is adorable. Ozzy got this for Christmas and loves it! So cute & simple.
  • This GIANT JENGA SET looks like the best game. It’s a larger version of Jenga! Perfect for taking to the beach, camping or in your backyard!
  • Want to make the perfect pico de gallo? This MUELLER CHOPPER is a game changer. It dices everything in seconds! 
  • This CONAIR FABRIC DEFUZZER is a great gadget for shaving off any pilling fabric off your clothes! I use it on my leggings and my furniture when there’s a lot of excess fuzz. 

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