DIY Halloween Ghosts with Walmart

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I always find the best decorations for any holiday at Walmart, and just like every year, their Halloween decor did not disappoint! I love bringing the holiday spirit to both the inside and outside of my home. Walmart has thousands of Halloween decorations that are perfect for everyone’s style and level of spooky. The savings, ease of online shopping and incredible products make Walmart my favorite place to go for all things Halloween!

DIY Halloween Ghosts with Walmart

collage of DIY Halloween Ghosts with Walmart

I DIYed the most adorable ghosts for the outside of my house using materials all from Walmart! They were so easy to make and I want to share how to make them with you. Here’s what you do:

Get a TOMATO CAGE and wrap these BATTERY LED LIGHTS all through the tomato cage poles. Next, take a HOT GLUE GUN and glue a FOAM FLORAL BALL on the narrow end of the tomato cage. Cover the foam ball and tomato cage with a FLAT WHITE SHEET and use scissors to cut out ghost eyes and a mouth with BLACK FELT, then use the glue gun to glue them on the sheet/ghost head! 

  1. This LARGE FLOCKED RESIN SKULL is so cool and would make such a great statement piece on a Halloween table. 
  2. I think this WITCH HAT GARLAND is so cute! Adorable for a mantle. 
  3. This BLACK FABRIC PUMPKIN would make a cute throw pillow or decor piece on a shelf or table. Love the gold stem.
  4. Love this SET OF SKELETONS so much for my front yard. One of them is 5.4 feet and the other is 3 feet.
  5. These LARGE HAIRY SPIDERS are 5 feet and such cool decorations to add to the inside or outside of your home! 
  6. I think these LED LIGHT UP BROOMSTICKS are so cute and unique! So many great ways to style these for Halloween. 
  7. These FLAMELESS CANDLES look so good placed throughout your Halloween decor! Love that they’re remote controlled. 
  8. Love this BLACK POLYESTER CLOTH DECORATION. It’s a great accent piece to hand or use on a tablescape. 
  9. How cool are these SKULL LIGHT UP STAKES for your front yard! These would look so good lining a walkway. 
  10. I think this NEON TRICK OR TREAT GLOW SIGN is so cute! Under $50 and such a fun decoration. 
  11. These PUMPKIN HANGING PAPER LANTERNS would also be great inside or outside. Love the multiple sizes. 
mother and kid doing DIY Halloween Ghosts with Walmart person adding the head for DIY Halloween Ghosts with Walmart woman adding the cloth for DIY Halloween Ghosts with Walmart