My Favorite Hair Products

It’s Monday! The kids went back to school. The rain is coming down, Ozzy is napping while I watch LIVE! with Ryan and Kelly and I have a few minutes to share my tried and true favorite hair products. Would you like me to make a couple of videos on haircare and how I curl my hair? I feel like it’s so basic and you can watch any YouTube and find great tutorials, but if you want to see mine, I will make it for you.

I’ve always had pretty good hair. That being said, a couple of years ago it started to break off like crazy due to a hormone imbalance (more on that another time). Like it was nuts. I started working with a hormone doctor and researched the best hair products including this TREATMENT and this SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER. Thankfully my hair returned to normal, but I still keep up on all the best in haircare because I want to maintain healthy hair. Since Ozzy girl, I’ve had to work even harder on my hair due to all the loss and breakage (baby hairs) that come with a new baby..

Ps. words in bold are links to products

Lisa Allen in a Kerastase Salon sharing her favorite hair products


I wash my hair 1-2 times per week. That’s all. When I wash I use a variety of things: some of my favorites: MOISTURE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. Love how well this lathers. I also use this SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER and this PURPLE SHAMPOO  (do NOT leave this on longer than one minute and wash your hands immediately)every other time I wash to keep my blonde nice and bright. It’s stroooong so be aware. If the intensity scares you, use UNITE BLONDE SHAMPOO. I used this a few years ago, it’s good, but mild in comparison.

The last time I blow-dried my hair was maybe 2 months ago. I try to always air dry. When I do blow it dry I use either JOSH HARRY or T3 dryer. Love both! I’ll use this SPRAY all over and then my DETANGLING BRUSH to brush my hair into a deep side part and smooth. I then add one pump of this SERUM(lasts me a whole year) from my ears down to the ends. I don’t touch it until it’s completely dry!!! I’ve found if I touch it or flip my hair, put in a pony, etc it becomes frizzy and doesn’t air dry smooth.


I am a firm believer in finishing products! I alternate between this 3 in1 SPRAY and this DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY. My #1 SHINE SPRAY.

I love it because it’s super light weight. Everyone seems to love a good dry shampoo. My favorite three are: 24K, BIG SEXY & IGK.

I love this SEA SALT SPRAY on days when I have freshly washed air dried hair and want some texture.

I’ve talked about this CURL WAND several times. I have both sizes, the 1.5 and the 1 inch. I use the 1.5 inch most. If my hair were shorter, I would use the 1 inch more. I also have this CURL TRIO and love it too.

I don’t always use hairspray, but when I do, I use this GOLDWELL. Great hold, but isn’t too strong. I love it! They recently changed the packaging and I panicked thinking it was discontinued.

If I sleep with my hair up, I prefer a SCRUNCHIE. Why? It’s soft fabric that not does pull my hair at night causing breakage. Try it!



DRESS (check out this PRINT in the same style) – SLIP