February Amazon Buys

February 2021 Amazon Buys

February 2021 Amazon Buys
  1. These SATINOIR 4 PIECE CROP TANK TOPS are the perfect basic tanks for layering, wearing with high waisted jeans or for working out. In addition, each pack comes with 2 black and 2 white.
  2. Love the high neck on these BOAO COTTON RACERBACK TANK TOPS! Each pack comes with a white, black and grey tank. So perfect for spring/summer!
  3. Ozzy would go crazy over this SKYROCKET RAINBOW SPARKLE SURPRISE! The dolls are super cute and would also make a great birthday or Easter basket filler.
  4. These SAWYER WATER FILTRATION STRAWS are also great to keep in emergency kits or in your camping gear.
  5. We absolutely love all of the FLEXI HOSES we own! They’re so compact, durable and work great!
  6. This EYLIDEN DUST MOP is so awesome! Great for dry or wet floor cleaning on tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate.
  7. This CAMBRIDGE SOUNDWORKS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is only $30 and amazing quality! Perfect for taking to the pool, camping, the beach or for workouts.
  8. These LONG IPHONE CORD CHARGERS come in a pack of 2 for $14! The chord is 10 feet long and also great quality!
  9. Love using this PINK STUFF to clean tough messes. Such a great multi-purpose cleaning paste to keep on hand.
  10. I love how compact this PORTABLE JBL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is! It’s also waterproof, dust-proof and easy to take anywhere! Found via The Buy Guide. 
  11. This FINELINES CRYSTAL MICRODERMABRASIONS EXFOLIANT is so great to keep on hand and use on trouble areas like your face, neck, chest or anywhere else you want to reduce fine lines.
  12. These MICROFIBER FACE TOWELS are so perfect for removing makeup, oil and dirt from your face in a gentle way! Love how you can toss them in the washing machine and reuse them.
  13. These WOMEN’S SATIN PAJAMAS are so silky soft. They come in 23 cute colors and are perfect for the warmer weather!
  14. I love using this METALLIC PERFORATED PAN for baking french bread! I’ve had so much fun learning how to perfect the recipe and using these pans for a perfect loaf!
  15. Love using these TINKLE RAZORS to get rid of dead skin and peach fuzz on my face. I love how my skin feels after and how smoothly my makeup applies!
  16. My family & I love these REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BARS! This pack comes with 12 bars and are perfect to keep on hand for gifts or a treat.
  17. This MINI SCREWDRIVER SET is under $15 and great to keep on hand in your house or car.