Gift Guide for Kids & Toddlers

holiday gift guide for kids 2018

Gift Guide for Kids and Toddlers

1. Goldie got this MAGIC SET a couple year ago. She has managed to hold on to a few of the items in the box that she still plays with. It’s super cute!

2. Friendship BRACELETS have made a pretty big comeback in 2018, this set is perfect for the child who loves to create and share with others.

3. How amazing is this BALANCE BIKE?! The design is timeless. It’s beautiful.

4. We got our VEER WAGON a year ago. It’s incredible! The ride is so smooth and the kids love to get in and out themselves. Goldie can still ride in it (per Ozzy’s demand).

5. The response to THIS REEBOK post was awesome! Give REEBOK’S this holiday.

6. How cute is this UNICORN toy?! Ozzy has a similar one, just not nearly this cute.

7. I saw this STAR WARS RIDE-ON on TV the other day. Seriously tempted considering I still meet the weight limit and really want to ride it!

8. These old school BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS are really cute displayed.

9. I received this LASER SET from DYNASTY TOYS as a PR gift. I cannot wait to give it to Goldie for Christmas!

10. All of my kids have had MICRO SCOOTERS, now Ozzy will get her first this year. They are truly the best scooter on the market and last for years!!

11. Polaroid CAMERAS are not just for teens, Goldie uses ours more than the older girls.

12. We have several CUDDLE & KIND dolls over here. They are soft, adorable and part of a give back program for children in need. It’s a great company.

13. Look at this ALPACA rocker. Adorable!

14. Goldie got this hand held TETRIS GAME a few months ago. She still plays with it and so do my older kids.

15. Ozzy has this AVOCADO TEETHER. Cutest!

16. We’ve talked about this book LITTLE RADICAL several times over the past 2 years. I’m telling you, it is the best book for kids to read! It’s the ABC’s of activism. It’s a great book to help kids understand what’s important & how to stand up for what they believe. One of my favorite books to gift!

17. I love all Melissa and Doug WOODEN TOYS. Cutest ice cream set.

18. I saw these RESCUE ANIMALS online. It comes in a ball, you give it a bath and brush out the fur to turn into a fluffy animal.

19. Goldie has this PORTABLE PING PONG SET. She loves taking it to her sisters lax games. Sets it up on the grass and we play ping pong between watching games.

20. Kids are loving CHOW CROWN! You attach food like marshmallows to the crown and then try to catch them in your mouth while it spins.

21 .We’ve had this WOODEN SUSHI SET for years! It’s a favorite over here.

22. Karaoke is always a good idea. This MACHINE is portable!

23. How amazing is the LIMITED EDITION LEATHER Mary Poppins book? It’s already wrapped up for Goldie.

24. I asked Goldie’s friends in the car the other day what they were asking for. 2 of the 3 said LEGO FRIENDS at the top of their list.

25. MAGFORMERS are super popular for kids. They are a great way to create and play.

26. Oh my, this mini FOOSBALL TABLE is a favorite over here! We all play with it, including Jeff and I.

Items I totally forgot to add to the collage..#oops

27. PONYCYLE – you’ve seen Goldie ride this around the house the past 2 years, now Ozzy. My friends are surprised I haven’t thrown it in the trash because it’s so big and well, I don’t like stuff. It’s been such a well loved and used toy, I can’t get myself to get rid of it.

28. The FAKE BREATHING DOG. Goldie got this for her birthday this year. Best kind of dog. 🙂

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