Hairitage by Mindy Hair Care

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It can be hard to find one hair care brand that embodies all of your hair care needs. Everyone’s hair is different, at a different stage, length, color or texture. Hairitage By Mindy is an amazing entrepreneur-founded company that encompasses everyone’s hair care needs while maintaining ethically, naturally derived products that work for your hair! What started as an educational Youtube channel by Mindy McKnight, became a worldwide sensation that has curated an amazing brand! 

Hairitage believes that there is a perfect hair care routine for everyone and they’re on a mission to help you find yours. With specially created vegan products made of naturally-derived ingredients for all hair types, Hairitage’s clean hair care essentials check all the boxes for your individual style needs. You can even take a hair quiz on their site that will help you find specific Hairitage products that will benefit your hair!

With the cold weather & holiday season here, it’s the best time to invest in your hair care for the best styling potential and hydration. Hairitage’s products make a great gift for friends and family and make your holiday hair styling easier & healthier than ever. Ozzy has straight hair so finding volume and dimension in it can be tricky. With Hairitage’s specially designed products for straight hair, we were able to create some fun holiday looks! 

Hairitage by Mindy Hair Care

Hairitage has some amazing holiday promotions happening right now! From 12/1-12/24, take 20% off your entire order plus free shipping with code HOLIDAY20 at checkout! From 12/26-12/29, their Buy One, Get One 40% Off Sale starts with code BOGO40.

  1. I love the gentleness of this OUTTA MY HAIR DAILY SHAMPOO. Perfect for kids or a light wash on your own hair. It’s so hydrating & smells great.
  2. This MASK-QUERADE HAIR MASK works wonders for restoring and hydrating your hair. Great for using weekly in your hair routine, especially in the winter.
  3. This DOUBLE DOWN CONDITIONING WASH SHAMPOO has an amazing creamy formula that cleanses and also conditions your hair in one easy wash. 
  4. I love the formula of this LIGHT AS A FEATHER LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. It leaves hair so silky and smooth. It also helps detangle Ozzy’s hair.
  5. This LAZY DAY DRY SHAMPOO has an amazing lightweight formula that leaves your hair looking fresh and so healthy. A great stocking stuffer for the holidays! I also love the clean ingredients.
  6. I used this AN APPLE A DAY ACV HAIR RINSE on Ozzy’s hair and loved the gentle cleanse it gave. Perfect for boosting your hair’s health & shine without stripping.
  7. This TAME THE MANE SMOOTHING CONDITIONER is great for curly or frizzy hair. So rich in vitamins for a healthy and nourished feel and look.
  8. This WIGGLE ROOM FLEXIBLE HOLD HAIR SPRAY is perfect for finishing off any hairstyle! We used some on Ozzy’s space buns and also loved the shine and strength it added to the look.
  9. This TAKE YOUR VITAMINS ARGAN OIL promotes health and strength in your ends and roots. Love the lightweight formula for styling!
  10. Love this SOS DEEP MOISTURE + RESTORE CONDITIONER for adding some extra hydration to my hair, especially in the winter. It’s great for all hair types and styles.
  11. This HELD HIGH VOLUME CONDITIONER is perfect adding to your hair care routine, especially if you style your hair often. It adds an amazing bounce to your roots and ends. I used this on Ozzy and loved the volume it gave her hair.
  12. If your hair needs a little softening or rejuvenation, this STRENGTH TRAINING LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER is great. Perfect for.thick tresses, waves, and curls.
  13. This MAGIC DUST TEXTURIZING POWDER has a weightless, colorless formula and is perfect for adding to your roots after styling. I love the volume it adds to a styled look.
Hairitage by Mindy hair care Hairitage by Mindy hair care Hairitage by Mindy hair care mother doing hair of daughter mother doing hair of daughter