Halloween Decor & Treats From Walmart

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I can always count on Walmart to have everything I need for every holiday. I love the one-stop shop options Walmart has for all of my Halloween decorating, candy and baking needs! My girls and I are so excited to jump into the Halloween spirit, decorate the inside and outside of our home and try out some Halloween baked goods and treats. 

Halloween Decor & Treats From Walmart

collage of Halloween Decor & Treats From Walmart
  1. I love adding some of these GIANT SPIDER DECORATIONS to the outside of my house! They’re $10 and such a great decoration. 
  2. This GROUNDBREAKER ZOMBIE DECORATION goes on your lawn and is so awesome. Under $25. 
  3. Love this OVERSIZED CAULDRON POT! You could use it as a planter or fill it with pumpkins. 
  4. These HALLOWEEN GHOST STRING LIGHTS are under $10 and super cute! Perfect for a Halloween party, to hang in your home or give a little Halloween spirit to your kids rooms. 
  5. I think this 10 FOOT TALL SKELETON is so awesome. How fun to add to the front of your house for Halloween!? 
  6. How cute are these GHOST LAWN PROPS?! You get 3 for $20!
  7. We bought this POSTAL SERVICE DOG COSTUME for Bear and get such a kick out of it. It’s so funny! Under $25. 
  8. These VINTAGE STYLE HALLOWEEN CUTOUTS come in a pack of 4 and are cute to hang around your home or add in your windows! 
  9. These BLACK PLASTIC CAULDRONS are great for indoor or outdoor decor. Love filling them with candy and treats on my counters.
  10. This WHITE STRETCH SPIDERWEB is the perfect, easy Halloween decoration to add all over the inside and outside of your house. 

More Halloween Decor & Treats From Walmart

  1. I always love holiday themed SPRINKLES! Great for cookies or cupcakes. Love the candy eyeballs. 
  2. This HALLOWEEN CANDY DECORATING KIT is so cute and comes with some great edible decor for Halloween treats! 
  3. Love these PLASTIC DISPOSABLE GOLD RIMMED CUPS for Halloween! They make every drink feel festive and are great for a party. 
  4. This SKULL CERAMIC BOWL is such a great Halloween decoration and perfect for storing Halloween candy. $25. 
  5. Love this 18-PIECE HALLOWEEN COOKIE CUTTER SET that comes with some awesome shapes for Halloween treats. Under $10. 
  6. This SKULL LAWN DECORATION is only $20 and so fun for your front yard! 
  7. These HALLOWEEN EDIBLE GLITTER GELS are fun for kids to decorate treats with and come in all the Halloween colors.
skeleton from Halloween Decor & Treats From Walmart skeleton candies from Halloween Decor & Treats From Walmart woman pouring drink in a glass