Holiday Cards with Vistaprint

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One of my favorite parts of the holidays is receiving HOLIDAY CARDS. Each year I look forward to seeing how our friends and family have grown over the year. Up until 3-4 years ago I sent out our holiday cards each year! Then I got lazy and felt like people see enough of our faces on social media:). I still love getting family photos done for the year & decided this year I wouldn’t just order the cards, but I’d actually send them out too.  My girls love running to the mailbox everyday to check and see who’s cards we received that day!

When it comes to designing my HOLIDAY CARDS, it can be overwhelming UNLESS you use a seamless service like VISTAPRINT to create your holiday cards! I’m serious, they make what feels like a daunting task actually fun to create! 

A few weeks ago, I started pinning all the inspiration for my family photos & CHRISTMAS CARDS. I brainstormed everything from OUTFITS, LOCATIONS & COLOR COMBINATIONS! There were so many amazing ideas on Pinterest that left me so inspired.

VISTAPRINT is beyond perfect for helping you design & print your holiday cards!

I was so impressed with how easy their site was to use. Not to mention, their amazing customer service! If I ever got stuck or confused during the process, I was able to call a VISTAPRINT representative to help me. That is unheard of!

While I was scrolling through VISTAPRINT’S options for holiday card designs, I fell in love with their foil accents! They have some amazing gold embossed detail & lettering options for your cards that add the perfect pop to your HOLIDAY CARDS!

When it came down to deciding on a color scheme for my cards, it depended a lot on what outfits we wore. I stuck with a classic gold, black & white palette. This made it easy and simple to design with the cards. Black, white & gold are all timeless colors, so I know I will love this pictures & cards for years to come.

We picked a location that perfect represented our desert surroundings we’ve lived in our entire lives! Jeff & I are both Arizona natives & love living in California near a desert-beach. I love taking family pictures at locations that reflect our home!

We’ve used VISTAPRINT the past few years for our holiday cards and even for our canvas prints! They offer amazing styles of cards for anyone & everyone! Every year, I look forward to designing my cards. The process is so easy, it’s never a burden with VISTAPRINT! I can’t recommend them enough! Use code 2019Holiday for up to 50% on Holiday Cards, Wall Calendars, Mugs, Photobooks & Wall Art!

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