Holiday Gift Guide: HOME 

Giving gifts for people’s homes is definitely my go-to during the holidays. I love finding kitchen essentials, home fragrances, decor pieces or cozy accessories that anyone would love!

Holiday Gift Guide: HOME 

collage of holiday gift guide home
  1. GEOMETRY HOUSE TOWELS are hands-down my favorite kitchen towels. So many cute patterns to choose from & super absorbent. Use code LISA15 for 15% off.
  2. This YIRUIO THROW BLANKET has the cutest checkered pattern and comes in a bunch of color options.
  3. I love our OUR PLACE ALWAYS PAN so much! It’s multi-functional and such a beautiful kitchen piece. Great gift idea!
  4. The OUR PLACE PERFECT POT is another great gift idea and so great for soups and stews. Love that it’s oven-safe. Great colors to pick from.
  5. This MARSHALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is so cute! I love the vintage look. 
  6. I love this BEAST HEALTH BLENDER and the modern style. Under $200.
  7. This DASH POPCORN MAKER is a great gift idea and something the whole family can love! Under $30.
  8. I love this DYSON V15 CORDLESS VACUUM so much. It gets used daily in our home. So powerful and great on tile, wood or carpet.
  9. This 5 MINUTE JOURNAL is $30 and a great gift for men or women! Love the purpose behind it.
  10. Love this CB2 VIA LARGE TRAVERTINE KNOT as a decor piece! Such a stunning object to add to a shelf or table. 

  11. This GATHRE DESK CADDY is so cute and perfect for an office space! Under $100. 
  12. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this OONI KODA PIZZA OVEN! Incredible quality and so much fun for a pizza night.
  13. The artwork on this NEW YORKER WINTER WEEKEND PUZZLE is so beautiful! Such a fun item for the home, holidays and family. 
  14. I love everything about this RHEA VASE from CB2! The terracotta old world finish is stunning. 
  15. This CUBE STONE PUZZLE is such a cute piece for a coffee table or desk! I love the colors.  
  16. Love this ELIXIR OLIVE OIL BOTTLE! Comes in a few colors and would make a cute gift. 
  17. This GAIA VANITY MIRROR is so gorgeous! I love the stone. 
  18. Love this LOUIS VUITTON COFFEE TABLE BOOK! It would be a great gift for anyone’s home!
  19. This CLEF BRASS SCULPTURE BOOKEND is so cool and $100! Beautiful gift for someone’s home. 
  20. I love this CARSON ASH WOOD SERVING BOWL is amazing and my favorite to use for meals! Love the size and quality. Great gift! 

  21. How fancy is this STAINLESS STEEL SMART TOASTER?! Insane technology and would make a great, niche gift.
  22. This VITRUVI STONE DIFFUSER is so beautiful and great for diffusing fragrances/essential oils. Love this for a gift idea! 
  23. I love the vintage/modern look of this NEWGATE WIDEBOY ALARM CLOCK! Such a cute decoration piece.
  24. This PURA X ANTHRO DIFFUSER SET comes with a Pura diffuser device and 2 Anthropologie scents! Great deal and even better gift idea. 
  25. Love the fragrance in this NEST SOAP AND LOTION SET! The grapefruit scent is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen. Great gift idea! 
  26. This REVE OVAL FLUTED GREEN MARBLE BOWL is so beautiful and unique! Great for a dining or entryway table. 
  27. I love the look of this COURANT CATCH CLASSIC CHARGER PAD. So beautiful on your nightstand and is a wireless charger for your phone. 
  28. This MAISON STORAGE BATH CADDY would make a cute gift for the holidays! You could fill it with some fun bath essentials, too. 
  29. These CAN SHAPED GLASSES are so cute and really pretty drinking glasses! Love that they come with glass straws too. Under $20 for a set of 4.
  30. This AMBER CRYSTAL CANDLE is $35, smells so good and would make a great gift for hosts! 

  31. Love the smell of this LE LABO ROSE 31 LAUNDRY DETERGENT! This is one of my favorite gifts to give and perfect for towels and sheets. 
  32. This PAPER MACHE VASE from Amazon is under $100 and so unique! Love this as a gift idea. 
  33. Love this HATCH RESTORE ALARM CLOCK that doubles as a light and sound machine! Great for kids or adults. 
  34. This GE COUNTERTOP NUGGET ICE MACHINE has great reviews and will definitely level-up your beverage game. Pricey but worth it! 
  35. This ASSOULINE IBIZA BOHEMIA BOOK is so bright and fun and perfect for a pop of color in home decor! Awesome gift to give. 
  36. I think this LUSTO GLASS HURRICANE CANDLE HOLDER is so pretty for any home! Love this for a gift. 
  37. Love these LITTLE BOOKS OF FASHION for the home! So cute for a bedroom or office. Under $20 each. 
  38. All of the recipes in this HALF BAKED HARVEST EVERYDAY COOKBOOK look incredible- everything she makes is amazing! Great gift idea. 
  39. This CASALUNA KNIT BED BLANKET comes in some beautiful colors and is a great throw blanket! 
  40. Love the sleek design of this BEIS 29 INCH ROLLING SUITCASE! So many cool features and amazing for travel. 
  41. These S SHAPED CANDLES are adorable and come in a pack of 2 for $16! Super cute decor pieces for a gift. 
  42. This BRIGHTLAND SET OF 4 ESSENTIALS comes with 2 olive oils, parasol vinegar and balsamic vinegar. Great products and great packaging. 
  43. I love this JO MALONE ORANGE BLOSSOM CANDLE so much! It’s sweet and subtle and perfect for any home.