Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

Holiday Gift Guide Under $50
  1. I roll my face each morning with this ROSE ROLLER. Tip: keep it in the fridge for added benefits. Helps circulation and remove toxins from your face.
  2. These LEOPARD SLIPPERS are so cute!
  3. Layered necklaces are so popular, but often expensive. This MULTI LAYER NECKLACE is really great!
  4. The cutest BFF BRACELET set!
  5. Obsessed with these ADIDAS LEGGINGS. Love the stripe cuff.
  6. A CASHMERE BEANIE under $50?? Wow! Tons of colors to choose from too.
  7. The cutest TURQUOISE BRACELET. It’s simple and great for the girl who loves to layer.
  8. Perfect for the TRAVELER. This whole set is under $50!
  9. We have been fighting over who gets to use this SOFT BLANKET ever since it came in the mail. It’s literally the softest blanket we own!!
  10. How cute is this SET OF GLASSES?! I love!
  11. I just ordered these WEIGHTED WRIST WEIGHTS for myself. Can’t wait!
  12. I discovered this TIME MANAGEMENT CUBE from my friend Lauryn. So great for the person who has everything.
  13. The coolest BLUE LIGHT BLOCKER GLASSES. If you work on your phone or computer, protect your eyes with these glasses!
  14. For those who love to travel, the BUCKET LIST BOOK! 
  15. STATEMENT RINGS are clearly a favorite of mine, these are awesome!
  16. My girls want these KNITTED SOCKS! 
  17. This ADIDAS SWEATER goes perfect with my #5 pick!
  18. My friend gave me this COCONUT BATH for my birthday last year. Smells incredible and looks so pretty displayed in your bathroom.
  19. My kids all want Apple EarPods, I know they will lose them so I found this PAIR as an affordable alternative.
  20. I have this CANDLE burning in the downstairs bathroom right now. It’s the best smell, maybe ever..
  21. I love a good VASE and have this on my list right now!