Holiday Reset with Backcountry

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It’s officially the best season of the year. November is such a fun month transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving & Christmas. I love decorating our home for the holidays & gearing up for all of the holiday shopping, parties & activities. As fun as those things are, life can get stressful this time of year! 

One of my favorite ways to relax & unwind is taking some time for myself at the beach. I bundle up in some cozy clothes & take a stroll down the beach! It’s the best way to clear my head & hit the reset button. 

I think it’s so important during this time of year to find an activity that is refreshing for you. Whether it’s a hike, yoga or a run, I believe being in nature by yourself is so nurturing.! Backcountry always supports spending time outdoors & provides you with all the attire you need to do it.

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Holiday Reset with Backcountry

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