How to Join ShopStyle Collective to Earn Money

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A very common question bloggers are asked is, “How do you start and how do you get paid”? My answer has always remained the same…Just start! As far as getting paid, I think going into blogging with that being your reason is a quick way to crash and burn. It takes time..lots of time! I started blogging back in 2012 on a site with two friends. We blogged 5 days a week, every week. I don’t think our first dollar was made until maybe 3-4 months in and I believe it was an Etsy shop that made hand painted boards? This was pre affiliate marketing, basically the dinosaur age in blogging. 🙂 

It took us a solid 2 years before we made enough to cover some bills and have spending money. I was a single mom at the time. So for me I was highly motivated to be able to afford a life in California! I wrote this post “My Purpose As An Influencer” a couple of years ago and it still rings true. I want to use my voice for good and that is what I try to do. I’ve been blogging on my own for 3 years now and it’s truly been a huge blessing to my family.

I LOVE what I do! I am excited for Monday’s and I love the business side of my brand more than I love plastering my face on social media. It’s fascinating to me! I went from being solo to now having 4 employees who help make Salty Lashes the success it is. I truly think if you want to be successful in anything you do, you have to be ALL IN! Learn it all. Learn when to hire out and learn when to say no! 

How to Join ShopStyle Collective to Earn Money

As a blogger & influencer, ShopStyle Collective has been an amazing collaborative avenue for me to share products with readers & followers, collect commission, access tools and resources and amplify my career! If influencing is an interest of yours and you may not know where to get started, ShopStyle Collective has launched their new Standard Program to help micro-influencers gain footing in the industry! 

ShopStyle Collective’s new program, the STANDARD PROGRAM, is perfect for nano-influencers or micro-influencers who are wanting to dip their toe into the media marketing world! This program helps new influencers navigate the market, create content, grow their audience and spark new networking opportunities! For aspiring influencers with a following of less than 10,000, the SHOPSTYLE COLLECTIVE STANDARD PROGRAM is for you! By helping you curate your audience and style, the Standard Program will provide you with tools like Text Links & simplified analytics to help you eventually reach a higher following! Eventually, you can graduate to an Advanced Program with benefits and access to more tools, analytics, resources and retailers!

I love this program and the doors it is opening for those aspiring for influencing or blogging goals. The tricky part is always knowing where to begin and the STANDARD PROGRAM is just the place. It begins with the basics, teaching you the ins and outs of the industry. I love the connections and opportunities I’ve gained with ShopStyle from the very beginning and love this opportunity they’re offering to everyone!

This is an amazing program for anyone who’s had the itch to begin blogging.

I know so many who have wanted to start, but felt lost in the process or analytics! I love how ShopStyle Collective breaks down the process and provides you with goals to help grow your audience and brand. Signing up for the STANDARD PROGRAM is easy, with instant approval for those who qualify. This STANDARD PROGRAM is perfect for those wanting to make the leap into a career with endless opportunities!

How to Join ShopStyle Collective to Earn Money tarte's 20th anniversary by lisa allen of salty lashes How to Join ShopStyle Collective to Earn Money How to Join ShopStyle Collective to Earn Money