How To Set Up A Garage Gym

I’ve been working out in a garage gym setting for quite some time now! It’s become my happy place and quite literally one of my favorite spots in my house. Years ago, I worked as a personal trainer and ran sessions out of my home garage. Now, after learning the best tips, equipment and set-up for a garage gym, I think I’ve got it nailed down.

It’s easy to use not having a gym membership as an excuse to not exercise. As great at gyms are, there’s nothing like having the right equipment and knowledge to work out just as well in the comfort of your own home. I’ve spent years fine-tuning my favorite garage gym setup. There are so many perks to a garage gym that I’m excited to share with you!

Garage gyms have helped my workout routine become more consistent than ever. It makes it beyond easy to incorporate a workout in every day of the week when everything I need is just feet away. Whether it’s an hour-long yoga flow or a 20-minute HIIT workout, garage gyms are quick, easy & continuously motivating. 

How To Set Up A Garage Gym

How To Set Up A Garage Gym

Finding Great Equipment

Filling your garage gym with the correct equipment for your workout goals is key to creating a space you will use and love. Don’t overthink it! Make a point to really narrow down your fitness goals and fill your garage gym with equipment that will help you reach those goals. If you love cardio, a Peloton Bike or Tread would benefit you so much. If you’re looking to gain muscle, investing in a SQUAT RACKGYM SET UP and WEIGHTS are a must. And if you’re wanting to increase flexibility and work on body control, yoga equipment is the way to go.

I love having a mix of different workout equipment so that as my fitness goals fluctuate, I have what I need. I love my gold membership with XTEND BARRE for incredible at-home barre workouts that strengthen my core and improve my body control. My ERGATTA ROWER is my favorite machine to use when I want to get in a zone and power through a HIIT workout. I also have loved everything about my MYX BIKE. The workouts are amazing and I always feel so accomplished after each ride.

Setting Up a Functional Environment

There are a lot of factors that go into setting up a functional garage gym. If your garage or at-home gym doesn’t have air conditioning, this PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER works great and is an awesome option! Make sure your gym space is a place that’s easy to use. Provide yourself with TOWELS, a REFILLABLE WATER OPTION and A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. I loved setting up HOME GYM MIRRORS in my space so that I can ensure I always have correct form during my workouts. Also, having the correct flooring is key. I love these INTERLOCKING TILES for creating whatever sized space you need! Durable and great quality!

Making It Yours

Be sure to create a space that you WANT to be in. If your garage gym is dark or dull, it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise there. I loved filling my garage gym with touches of my personal style to make it somewhere I love to spend time!

  1. Having an EXERCISE BALL in your workout space is super important. Love using mine for workouts as well as recovery.
  2. These RESISTANCE BANDS come in a pack of 5 for $13 and can also be used so many ways in your home gym.
  3. This MARCY HOME GYM SETUP offers 30 different exercises and is an incredible piece of equipment for a home gym.
  4. Having a FOAM ROLLER is key to recovery and working through those sore muscles.
  5. Love this ROUGE SQUAT BAR. Amazing quality for all kinds of workouts. These ROUGE ECHO PLATES pair with it perfectly.
  6. This AMAZON BASICS MEDICINE BALL also comes in so many great weight options and is perfect for arm or core workouts.
  7. Love the minimal design of these BALA BARS. So easy to grab and incorporate into a home workout.
  8. This AB DOLLY is awesome for toning and strengthening your core.
  9. I also love keeping my THERAGUN MUSCLE MASSAGER in my garage gym for a quick massage post-workout.
  10. These BALA BANGLES are my favorite for adding a little extra weight to my workouts.
  11. Love the green color of this ALO YOGA REAL BRA TANK. Such a cute summer sports top.
  12. The HAPPINESS RUNS CROP TOP from Free People is one of my all-time favorite workout tanks.
  13. I also love the green color and style on this BANDIER ANDRIA BRA
  14. The thermal style of these GOOD AMERICAN BIKER SHORTS is so cute! Lightweight and breathable.
  15. These VUORI PERFORMANCE JOGGERS are beyond cozy and also one of my favorite athleisure pieces. Tons of cute colors to choose from.
  16. This BEYOND YOGA BIKER JUMPSUIT is so cute and fun to style!
  17. I love the pink color and white stripe detail on this BANDIER EVA TOP! It also makes the cutest set paired with the EVA LEGGINGS.
  18. How cute is this LE ORE RIMINI LONG SLEEVE TOP?! I love the twist detail on the front.These APL TECHLOOM SNEAKERS are so cute and amazing running shoes. I also love the lightweight design.
  19. Love the square neck and color options on this HAPPINESS RUNS SQUARE NECK CROP!
  20. I love the orange color on this GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE TOMMY SPORTS BRA and MATCHING LEGGINGS. So cute for summer.
  21. This VUORI HALO PERFORMANCE TOP is an awesome workout top. The length, support and material are also great.
  22. These HAPPINESS RUNS BIKER SHORTS come in so many cute colors and are perfect for bike rides or yoga flows.
  23. How cute is this BANDIER SPORT RIB DRESS?! Such a unique workout look.
  24. These ON CLOUD NOVA SNEAKERS are great all-around workout sneakers. Super comfortable.
  25. The seam details on this L SPACE BECKHAM TOP are adorable. The MATCHING LEGGINGS make for the cutest set.
  26. Love the ruched detail on this ALO YOGA WILD THING BRA! Super cute to pair with black leggings.
  27. This GOOD KARMA ONESIE is so adorable and a great workout jumpsuit option.
  28. I love the ribbed material on these VUORI STUDIO LEGGINGS! The fit is incredible and I love the high waist.
  29. These GOOD KARMA LEGGINGS come in a ton of colors and have been one of my favorite workout leggings for years.
  30. Love the heather gray on this YEAR OF OUR PERFECT MUSCLE TANK! Perfect, staple workout top.
  31. The fit and design of this VUORI DAILY BRA makes for the best support during a workout. Love all the color options.
  32. I’ve heard great things about these HOKA CLIFTON SNEAKERS! They have some great colorways to pick from.
  33. Love the classic style of this LOVE TANK from Free People. So many cute color options.