How to Wear a Flannel

How to Wear a Flannel

How To Wear A Flannel

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90’s, the grunge era, but I LOVE a flannel! They are timeless and can be worn so many ways. They have been a closet staple of mine for 20+ years. My girls all wear them to school and even as a swimsuit coverup. Soft, stylish and can give your look a warm and cozy feel. There are so many ways to wear & style flannels, I wanted to share some of my favorites! 

Oversized Flannels

Oversized Flannels make for a perfect and simple outfit to throw on in the morning. I love to wear an oversized flannel with a pair of skinny jeans, some sneakers and maybe a beanie! It’s cozy, cute and easy to style.


Fitted flannels are a way to ‘dress up’ your look a little more. By wearing a fitted flannel, your outfit can be a little more flattering. I’ll wear a fitted flannel, tucked into a pair of jeans, some cute booties and a belt to tie it all together!


Another cute style of flannels is wearing them unbuttoned with a fun graphic or solid tee underneath! Fitted or oversized, this flannel style is easy and can create a lot more diversity in your outfits!


Let’s talk about HOW to wear a flannel! There isn’t really a ‘wrong’ way to wear one, but here are some ways to style them perfectly!


This is such a cute look! The flannel is a little more casual, but when paired with a tighter, more fitting skirt, you can create a look that’s a little more dressed up. Perfect for Holiday events and parties!


This is one of my most favorite ways to wear my flannels. I love to wear a fun, graphic or solid tee underneath a flannel. I’ll wear a pair of light-wash denim jeans and maybe some Vans or Adidas!


This is a more ‘sporty’ wear to wear a flannel! I’ll wear this outfit while running errands or out and about with my girls. With a simple tee, leggings or jeans and a flannel around the waist, this style is cozy and easy! And if you get chilly, you’ll always have something warm to throw on!


Here’s another fun way to ‘dress up’ a flannel! Tuck a cute, fitted flannel into a pair of jeans or pants. I’ll usually wear some cute boots or heeled sandals and add a belt to tie it all together! Also, perfect for the holidays and fun to wear with some chunky, cute accessories!

When To Wear A Flannel

So, when should you wear a flannel? In my opinion, you could style a flannel perfectly for any day, occasion or activity. Using the ideas I listed above, there’s something for every style and every look you could be going for! Fall and Winter is my favorite time to bust out my flannels. They keep my cozy and add a little extra to my outfits!


What Bottoms To Wear With Flannels

This is where wearing a flannel could seem tricky. Flannels are patterned pieces of clothing. So, keeping your bottoms simple and solid is key! You don’t want to clash patterns. You wanted to wear styles and fabrics that are complementary to the flannel and not overbearing!


Jeans & Flannels:

I like to wear a more fitted jean with my flannels. When you’re wearing an oversized flannel, fitted jeans add dimension to your outfit! When wearing a fitted flannel, fitted jeans ‘dress up’ the style. Any wash of denim, light, dark or in between can go well with flannel! If you’re flannel is based off a lighter color scheme, such as creams, whites, or pastels, a darker wash may fit best! If your flannel contains darker colors, such as reds, greens or browns, a lighter wash of denim will look great!

Skirts & Flannels:

Wearing a skirt and a flannel is more of a ‘dressier’ style to wear! I’ll pair a fitted, tighter skirt with a flannel tucked in! With a pair of heeled sandals or booties, you can make the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving Dinner or a Christmas Party!

Leggings & Flannels:

Leggings and flannels are the perfect combination to wear when you want something light, easy and comfy. I’ll tie a flannel around my waist with a pair of my favorite leggings. You can also wear leggings with a t-shirt and an open flannel over!

Shorts & Flannels:

If you’re living in a state that still has some heat (like California or Arizona), you can still tie in a flannel with shorts to keep cool! Pair a flannel with some tennis shoes, your favorite shorts and your best sunglasses, you’re good to go.


Tops To Wear Under Your Flannel


A Graphic Tee:

Add a flannel to your favorite graphic tee and create a fun and casual outfit for the fall! The stylish clash of the flannel patterned and the graphic design is so cute.

A Solid Tee:

Solid tees can keep the outfit on the more simple side. They’re also perfect for pairing with some accessories like a cute layered necklace or chunky bracelets.

A Long Sleeved Tee:

If it’s freezing outside, but you still want to wear something cute, don’t be afraid to wear a long sleeved tee under a flannel! It’ll keep you warm, add layers and different textures to your outfit.

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