How To Wear Cropped Jeans

Remember last week when I shared my post on How to Wear Flare Jeans? I let you know that even if you’re under 5’6″( like me), you can totally pull off a flare. Well, I’m here to tell you the same is true when it comes to how to wear cropped jeans! That’s right, you don’t have to have long legs and or be tall to pull of this current trend in denim. I found the biggest selection of great options at Nordstrom, along with shoes to wear and tops to put together a look you’ll love.


In my opinion the easiest to pull off are a skinny crop. After that, keep your mind open to trying cropped flares, a high waisted crop, frayed hem, straight leg, demi-crop, raw edge and a wide leg crop as I am wearing in today’s blog post!

How To Wear Cropped Jeans

When in doubt, wear black. It’s the most flattering on everyone.

Tuck your shirt in or wear a crop top. When I say crop top, I don’t mean show your stomach crop (unless you’re into that, then by all means, go for it. Unless you are my children, then don’t even think about it:)). I mean cropped to the top of your denim. Seeing the full length of your jeans will elongate your body. Now you know why my shirt is tucked in 99% of the time!

Often times, a cropped pair of jeans is my perfect ankle length. Don’t be afraid to wear them at the ankle or about 3 inches above.

Keep it simple! Basics are always best when trying a new style (in my opinion). Simple tee, easy flat shoe, etc. Basics are girls best friend!

Shoes to wear with your cropped jeans? Anything goes! Just be mindful of where the denim hits you on the leg and the style. But truly, if you feel confident in what you wear…you can pull off anything!

Shop My Cropped Jeans Outfit
lisa allen of salty lashes wearing cropped wide leg legs with platforms and a white tee with a fendi bag lisa allen of salty lashes wearing cropped wide leg legs with platforms and a white tee with a fendi bag
  • A white tee can go a long way! Some of my favorites: WHITE TEE
  • I’m wearing a pair of  CROPPED WIDE LEG (under $100 and true to size). I wore this pair of CROPPED DENIM yesterday.
  • I’m wearing my PLATFORM VANS. If you like the checker look, but don’t want a platform you can get the plain SLIP-ONS too!
  • I think a fun addition to this simple look could be a great LEATHER JACKET it’s 50% off) or a CROPPED DENIM JACKET. Also if you don’t have this CROPPED SUEDE JACKET, get it for fall!
  • My recent pair of  SUNGLASSES. I’ve worn them pretty much every day since I bought them a week ago. They have a retro vibe and also look vintage with the colored inlay.

Cropped Denim Outfit Ideas

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