I’m leaking my own diary…The Not So Secret Life of an American Teenager

Hey everybody! 

Those of you who know me, or who have been following our family since the days of lensless nerd glasses and neon skinny jeans, probably already know about my love for writing. I don’t mean the type of high school English class writing where you read a book and write a structured essay on something you hardly understand; I mean true, unfiltered journalism.

Up until now, my writing has been more of a diary, or a way to let all of my thoughts and feelings out in a healthy manner that would allow me to use my interests and abilities as a sort of therapy or release from the real world, but I’m ready to stop keeping it all in and let you see what really goes on inside my mind. I guess you could say this is my attempt at becoming more of an open book, or in this case an open blog series. 

I’m leaking my own diary…The Not So Secret Life of an American Teenager

Ever since my eighth birthday, when my dad gave my a little black book to write down every one of my emotions, I have kept a black ballpoint pen and some sort of paper on me at all times. As the years have passed, I have begun to trade in my pens and paper for a keyboard to help with the accessibility of my thoughts, but have yet to let go of my favorite hobby, and instead have begun to make my journal entries a mobile log of my life. Obviously most parts of it are filled with mundane activities of school, work, and the little in-between moments, but those aren’t what I am here to share, and they most certainly aren’t what you are here to read about. 

Rather than filling you in on what I had for lunch last week or how my AP History test went, I am writing this little message to you to inform you that life is far more than the personal highlight reels of social media and that it really is okay to not always be okay. I figured if I can be vulnerable to each and every one of you through the publication of my little diary, maybe one of you will find a way to be vulnerable with yourselves and make an adjustment that will change your life… and hey, if that doesn’t happen, at least someone will find some pleasure in knowing what really happens within the inextricable web of teenage hormones and emotions.

So I guess this is the beginning of me letting you all in on what really goes on behind the screens. So welcome to a new series here on Salty Lashes, The Not So Secret Life of an American Teenager.