Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Shopping for kids is my FAVORITE! There are so many unique, fun & creative options for Christmas gifts & stocking stuffers! I’ve especially loved shopping for Ozzy this year. She is at such a fun age & I found so many things I know she will love.

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Kids Holiday Gift Guide
  1. I’ve heard some amazing things about these STOKKE RIDE-ON CARRY-ON SUITCASES. Not only can they pack their belongings in it, it doubles as a leg rest for flights so that kiddos can lay down & get some rest!

  2. Ozzy would love this JANOD WOODEN CAMERA. She loves pretending to take pictures & get her picture taken as well. So cute & only $15!

  3. How cute is this RAINBOW PURSE?!

  4. Ozzy loves to watch Jeff work in his shop so I know she would LOVE this WOODEN TOOL & WORKBENCH SET.

  5. This ALPHABET PUZZLE SET from Anthropologie is adorable.

  6. I can’t even tell you how much Ozzy loves her CARPOOL KARAOKE MICROPHONE.

  7. This TENT PLAYHOUSE is adorable and only $70! Any kid would have so much fun in this.

  8. Such a cute FAST FOOD PLAY SET!

  9. These BALANCE BIKES make the best gifts for kids. Ozzy loves her! They help kids learn to balance on a bike before the real deal.

  10. Ozzy would die over this TEEPEE TENT! & it’s only $40 on Amazon!

  11. I need to get these DR MARTENS for Ozzy! I love how they come in kids & toddler sizes!

  12. If your kids have never owned a LITTLE GIRAFFE BLANKET, they need one! SO soft & the highest quality!

  13. These GIRAFFE TEETHERS are great stocking stuffers for teething babies!

  14. I think this BAND IN A BOX SET from Melissa & Doug is so fun!

  15. These ANTHRO BABY BOOKS are so cute & great stocking stuffers. Only $10!

  16. Ozzy has this PATAGONIA JACKET and it’s too cute. The ears on the hood are the sweetest touch.

  17. Ozzy loves her DUPLO NUMBER TRAIN! I swear, it totally helped her learn her numbers.

  18. These little STUFFED ANIMALS from Anthro are so precious! Ozzy would die over them.

  19. These OLLI ELLA SUITCASES are so cute! Ozzy would love toting around her toys in this.

  20. If you’ve never heard of KINETIC SAND, this stuff is awesome. It doesn’t make a mess & is so fun to play with!

  21. Love this pink & yellow BLOCK STACKING SET!

  22. I shared this WOODEN SUSHI SET last Christmas and still think it’s so cute. My girls have played with it for years.

  23. Ozzy has been loving instruments lately & I’m thinking of getting her this KID’S MINI GUITAR! So cute!

  24. I’m definitely getting Ozzy this BEAUTY TOY SET. It’s only $30 & comes with so many cute pieces. Ozzy is obsessed with doing her hair & makeup like her mom and sisters.

  25. This JETSON ELECTRIC BIKE is such a fun gift that would last for years & can be passed down to other siblings! SO fun. Goldie got one for her birthday this year and honestly I like to ride it as much as she does!

  26. I’ve shared this MAGNETIC WOODEN BLOCK SET before! It comes with so many pieces and Ozzy plays with it for hours.

  27. VEER WAGONS make the best gifts for families & kids! These things are so great!

  28. Ozzy & Goldie love their KICK SCOOTER All of the girls have had them at some point, they are so well made!

  29. Goldie wants this TUCKER + TATE BATHROBE. It’s so cozy & so cute!

  30. How fun are these JUNGLE BATH BOMB SURPRISES! Kids LOVE bath bombs & I love how each one has a little surprise in the center.

  31. My kids always looks so cute in her CARHARTT BEANIE! Another great stocking stuffer.