March Amazon Buys

My Amazon purchases this month definitely reflect the times. Beauty products, home necessities & some of my favorite foods that are keeping me healthy & sane during this quarantine! So many great products I love & use!

March Amazon Buys

March Amazon Buys for quarantine

  1. This BLACK TRUFFLE SALT is the best! My family & I have been adding it to all our meals. Perfect for omelets, chicken, veggies, popcorn and so much more.
  2. I always keep this PURE VANILLA BEAN PASTE on hand. It’s worth every penny and so good to add to your favorite recipes.
  3. How cool is this GALLON WATER JUG?! It helps you achieve drinking a gallon of water every day and even gives you a timeline guide on the side of the bottle.
  4. I’ve been drinking these PERRIER INFUSION PINEAPPLE & MANGO DRINKS lately. They’re so delicious & only 45 calories a can.
  5. Poppy ordered this 1000 HOUR BROW & EYELASH DYE! So easy to use and great results.
  6. Love adding this ALKAMIND DAILY GREENS to my morning smoothies & juices! It contains 21 superfoods and is a great way to get in your greens.
  7. Ozzy & Goldie have been playing with this KINETIC SAND non stop! Mess-free & a great quarantine activity.
  8. My family & I have been drinking a little of this MARY RUTH’S LIQUID NIGHT TIME MULTIVITAMIN every night. It tastes great and contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, magnesium, calcium & MSM.
  9. This BATH PILLOW is $14 and suction cups to the back of any bathtub! Comfortable and practical!
  10. Love using these TINKLE RAZORS on my face once a week. It helps remove the peach fuzz from your skin.
  11. I have a few of these URPOWER AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSERS around my home! Great for diffusing home scents or essential oils.
  12. This AROMA SANTEL DIFFUSING OIL smells so amazing and lasts forever! A great addition to the diffuser mentioned above!
  13. I’ve shared these FACE & CHIN LIFTING MASKS before and am sharing them again! I love the benefits and results I get after use.
  14. These SOLAR FLASHLIGHTS are great to keep on hand in case of emergencies. I keep one in my car as well.
  15. This TIE DYE KIT is $28 and another great activity to do with your kids while they’re home!

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