Meditation With Backcountry

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The past few months I’ve made it a mission to find more moments to be still. I have a few friends who practice meditation daily and have been helping me learn the ins and outs of the practice! I’ve loved everything about it so far and really believe taking 5-15 minutes each day to meditate is extremely beneficial for my mental health. 

Meditation can seem intimidating. I want to share with you 5 ways that help me meditate daily! 

Meditation With Backcountry

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  1. Find somewhere you’re comfortable at! You don’t always have to be sitting on the floor. I love meditating on a couch or chair! Find a comfortable position that works for you. I like sitting with my legs crossed, palms in my lap and my eyes closed.
  2. Opt out from scrolling on Instagram to meditate instead! I used to think I never had time to take a break and meditate. But opting out of scrolling on social media to center myself has made a huge difference!
  3. Focus on your breath. If you don’t want to recite mantras to yourself, just focus on your breathing and be rhythmic with it!
  4. Don’t worry about perfection! It doesn’t take perfect form to get the benefits of meditation!
  5. Guided meditations! There are so many apps, videos and podcasts with guided meditations that I love following along with! If you feel intimidated by meditation, this is a great place to start!

I also believe it is so important to meditate in comfortable clothes. I always make sure I have on comfortable leggings for sitting with my legs crossed and something comfy underneath me.

When I first started meditating, I went to BACKCOUNTRY to find the best gear for my meditation.

  1. I LOVE this set from LNDR! The cutest LEGGINGS and MATCHING SPORTS BRA.  I love the colors and how comfortable the material is! I’m wearing a XS/S in both. 
  2. My ARIZONA BIRKENSTOCK SANDALS have been my favorite sandals for years! So comfy and the best quality. If I’m going to meditate at the beach, these are what I wear!
  3. Love this comfy PENDLETON TOWEL for meditating on. 
  4. Hydrate before you meditate! Hydrating helps your brain expand and your mind to be open! Love this YETI TUMBLER. Best color! 
  5. Love the pattern and colors of this NOMADIX TOWEL!
  6. How cute is this GETAWAY HOODIE from Alo Yoga!? I’m wearing dark green in a small. 
  7. Love the material of these ALO YOGA AIRBRUSH LEGGINGS! These are perfect for meditation.
  8. SWEATS are another comfortable option for meditating! Love these ones from BASIN AND RANGE.
  9. This HUGGER MUGGER is a super cute cushion to sit on while meditating! Love the pattern.
  10. I think I need this ALO YOGA LONG SLEEVE TOP. The twist detail on the front is my favorite part.
  11. Love the simplicity of this BEYOND YOGA RACERBACK TOP. It can be worn as a sports bra or a top on its’ own!
  12. Love this NAVY YOGA MAT from JADE YOGA! Yoga mats make great meditation mats.
lisa allen wearing Alo Yoga for backcountry pendleton towels discount from lisa allen lisa allen in LNDR for backcountry lisa allen for LNDR