November Amazon Buys



  1. This FRASIER FIR REED DIFFUSER is perfect for a steady, Christmas scent in your home! Perfect for this month. 
  2. Using this IVORY CRAFT RIBBON on my gifts this year! This 10 yard roll is $12.99! 
  3. This ACRYLIC 4 COMPARTMENT HOLDER is perfect for pens, makeup brushes or utensils! Under $15.
  4. These TAPE RUNNER DOUBLE SIDED TAPE APPLICATORS make gift wrapping so easy. Pack of 5 for under $15. 
  5. This CANDLE WARMER LAMP is so pretty and such a unique home piece! Great gift idea, too. 
  6. These GOLD SCISSORS are so beautiful and perfect for a home office! Great for wrapping, crafting or sewing. 
  7. This PACK OF CHIFFON RIBBON is another great option for gift wrapping and adds the perfect, pretty touch to any gift! Love the color choices. 
  8. These WIDE LEG LINEN PANTS are so comfortable and so cute! Love the casual fit! 
  9. These KIDS BUTTON UP PAJAMAS are my girl’s favorite and come in some cute colors/patterns. 
  10. Aren’t these KIDS BOSTON SUEDE CLOGS so cute!? Perfect gift idea and they come in a few colors. 
  11. Love these TODDLER NO SHOW SOCKS for Ozzy. They fit great and don’t slip. Pack of 5 pairs for under $15. 
  12. These AIRFRYER DISPOSABLE LINERS are a game changer for air fryers. They fit perfectly in the tray and can be tossed after each use! 
  13. I’ve loved these BUILT BAR BROWNIE BATTER PUFF BARS lately. They taste like a dessert and have 17g of protein. So good! 
  14. This SHISEIDO EYELASH CURLER is so good. I use it before applying mascara and love the way it lifts my natural lash. Great stocking stuffer such as these other holiday beauty items
  15. Love this CORDLESS WATERPIK for your teeth. It gives your teeth the best floss! Great for kids and teens, too. 
  16. These SMALL JUTE BAGS would make the cutest gift bags this holiday season! Perfect size and come in a pack of 10 for under $50. 
  17. This GIRLS NIGHTGOWN is so adorable! I love the lace collar and ruffle hem. 
  18. Love the design of these PEPPER AND SALT SHAKERS! So modern and pretty. Great gift idea, too! 
  19. This DOUBLE BLADED SALAD CHOPPER is so good for cutting up big pieces of lettuce in your salads! $10 and a great kitchen gadget.