Prose Haircare

I am beyond excited to share everything about PROSE HAIR with you! Prose is an amazing company that creates customized hair products designed for your hair & its specific needs! Following an easy consultation on their website, PROSE crafts a customized product for your hair based on your hair’s preferences, goals & needs! I was blown away by the process and the product! Prose Hair products are filled with nothing but the cleanest ingredients, freshly bottled and shipped right to your door. PROSE sources natural, man-made and responsible products. I love that everything they create is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, GMO’s & cruelty. They have amazing standards and truly want the best for your hair!

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Prose Haircare Review

You can easily customize Prose’s PRE-SHAMPOO MASK, SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, HAIR OIL, LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER, DRY SHAMPOO and CURL CREAM! The consultation at Prose is easy & breezy. It took me about 5 minutes to answer easy questions about my hair type and its tendencies! I love the detailed questions they ask and the things they take into consideration that I rarely think of! They even ask about your lifestyle and where you live to see how your environment affects your hair! They also have 8 different scents you can choose from for your customized products!

I ordered the Prose Core Trio Line-Up. It includes my custom shampoo, conditioner & pre-shampoo mask. After my consultation on Prose’s website, my results showed that a smoothing & volumizing product would be best for my hair. I’ve used my Prose PRE-SHAMPOO HAIR MASK, SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER for the past few weeks and really have loved my results. My hair feels more hydrated, tamed & smooth. 

PROSE HAIR can make a great gift or is perfect for someone looking for specific treatments on their hair. Prose’s customizing technology takes into account 85 different criteria for their products for you! I love how Prose looks into the details and makes sure what they create for you is the best.

I truly am so impressed with everything about PROSE. From their process and ingredients to their packaging and service, it’s an amazing company with an amazing goal! Their branding is beautiful & I love their ability to match anyone & everyone’s hair needs! They also offer free shipping & returns! SO great. My Prose products are a must-have and something I’ll continue to use in my hair care routine!

Prose Haircare review Prose Haircare review Prose Haircare review Prose Haircare review