Summer Activities for Kids with Under Armour

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Summer is in full swing! My kids have been going non-stop since we finished school less than a month ago. Avery & Poppy are busy with sports camps & church camps. Goldie just finished the Jr. Lifeguard program which she absolutely loved! She is the one in our family who has to be doing something active all day long. From swimming to skateboarding… she’s active! 

UNDER ARMOUR has always made some of my favorite activewear for my whole family. My girls love to shop on their site & pick out a few things for the summer & back to school. They have a great selection for items like swimwear, leggings, backpacks, shoes & more. Goldie loves all the black and white & bright backpacks. All their clothes fit her well & are a great quality that last for years!

Here are some ideas to keep your kids busy and active this summer.

Summer Activities for Kids

Swimming & Games In The Pool

Swimming is the classic summer activity. It could be hard to execute if you don’t have a pool but there are definitely ways to improvise! Goldie loves inviting over friends for games in the pool. Their latest favorite is to have diving and cannon ball contests. From smallest to biggest splash, silliest, best form… they just love a good competition. 

At the beginning of every summer, I purchase a few pool floats & toys that make it easy for my girls to enjoy the pool! 

Sunset Bike Rides

This is an activity that is perfect for the whole family & a great way to get your kids moving! When the sun starts to set & it begins to cool down, we love to take a bike ride or walk around our neighborhood & enjoy the beautiful summer sky. Goldie loves getting all ready for the bike ride & including the entire family.

I have loved wearing this FLEECE GRAPHIC PULLOVER when the sun sets & the temperature drops. Goldie always picks out this UA GRAPHIC ZIP-UP and we both love the wording on the back.

Outside Trash Pick-Up

This is a great way to keep your kids active in the summer and help the community! Every time we leave the beach, we make a point  to clean up any trash we see. We’ve done this since we moved here 7 years ago. Goldie loves when we make a game out of picking up trash and see who can pick up the most in a certain amount of time!

Packing A Lunch & Hiking

Packing up a lunch and going on a hike for a picnic is a perfect way to get outdoors with your kids in the summer! We get all ready to go in our Under Armour gear, pack a lunch with our favorite snacks & find a local hike! I have the kids make the lunches and make sure we have everything we need for our adventure. 

Under Armour has such a great variety of activewear for hiking. These UA RUSH LEGGINGS are extra comfy & breathable for the summer heat. They come in the cutest Taupe color. I’ll pair them with my black UA RUSH SPORTS BRA and I’m ready to go! I’ve had these HOVR SONIC 2 RUNNING SHOES for a while now & love the comfort and style. They come in some other cute colors as well!

Goldie’s outfit is the perfect hiking attire for girls. She loves these UA SPRINT SHORTS & always tell me how comfortable they are. They’re perfect for the summer sun! Her UA SUSPEND SHOES are one of her new favorite pairs of shoes. They’ll transition perfectly into the new school year starting in August!

Teaching Kids the Importance of Staying Active

I think it is so important to teach my girls why moving everyday & getting outside is so important. I help them understand what exercise does for our bodies and help them make a list of ideas they can do throughout the summer to get moving!

Under Armour makes some of my favorite activewear for the girls & meI. They have an amazing variety of options to choose from sportswear, accessories, swimwear, shoes & more! I bought Goldie some things from Under Armour that will get great use not only in the summer, but when school starts back up as well! They have backpacks, water bottles, socks, shoes & just about everything your kid will need for the new school year!

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