The 15 Minute Full Body Workout + New Backcountry Gear

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What is better than being able to exercise outdoors all year long? Not much! Whether your sport is skiing, running, hiking, yoga or an unusual favorite of mine..jumping rope. The best place to find all your fitness gear is Backcountry! You know our family loves Backcountry! So much we even have an exclusive code: SALTY15 anyone can use on their first purchase!

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The Benefits of Jumping Rope – The 15 Minute Full Body Workout

A couple of weeks ago I shared my 5 Healthy Habits for 2019. My #5 is all about why I love to jump rope. Did you know you can slow down the aging process by jumping for 10-15 minutes per day?! It’s true, you can! Another thing I know any mom reading this will love: you can also tighten up your pelvic floor muscles which will prevent any leaking when you sneeze or jump. I am proof of this! I starting jumping when Poppy was little and re-trained my pelvic muscles. 4 kids and I do not have that problem, at all!

10-15 mins seems like a lot once you first begin to use a jumprope. Don’t give up! Start slow with 20 jumps. Rest a few seconds then 20 more. Work up to 100 then 200 then 500 jumps a day. Once you hit that mark, you will totally be able to hit your goal of 10-15 minutes a day.

Another reason I love jumping rope, you can literally do it anywhere. Goldie and I brought ours to the beach and jumped for 10 minutes on the deck overlooking the sunset. It feels so good to move your body with fresh air. Plus, I think I try harder knowing other beach goers are watching to see how long I can jump without tripping on the rope;)

January Fitness Favorites from Backcountry

    • Clearly our family loves a good Patagonia! My latest is this slightly cropped BLUE PUFFER. I am wearing the XS. It’s just as warm as my other Patagonia jackets. I think the color and length is perfect!
    • I own several pair of the Nike BLAZER high-tops. They are so comfortable and look great working out or with an everyday outfit.
    • I shared a sneak peek of this BACKCOUNTRY HENLEY the other day on my story. I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s lightweight and layers well. I am a huge fan and hope they make this one forever..and maybe also make it in black #hinthint
    • I love BEYOND YOGA pieces. They are soft and hold you in where it matters. My latest CROPPED TANK fits so well and features a built-in bra. I have a size small, true to size. Get it!
    • You can never go wrong with a basic BLACK LEGGING! 
    • Remember Poppy’s sweater from our FITNESS post? Well it also comes in TONS OF COLORS. The perfect oversized sweatshirt.
    • Goldie is wearing a easy to layer long sleeve BLACK TOP and loves these NIKE SHORTS! 
    • Obsessed with this new ALO SPORT BRA!
    • My favorite Hydroflask is the TUMBLER with LID/STRAW!  

Don’t forget you can use our code SALTY15 to take 15% off your ENTIRE order (hello new ski gear!) on your first purchase. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

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