The Casual Couples Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Ahh, Valentine’s Day! We’ve all felt the pressure of creating an over-the-top day dedicated to love at one point or another, am I right? Fortunately for Jeff and I, we love a casual holiday! As you already know, we love denim! The longer we live in San Diego, the more casual we become. We both own more Levi’s than any other denim brand, which made partnering with LEVI’S such a natural fit! My favorite styles are: 501, WEDGIE, RIBCAGE and the MOM.

Today we’re talking about casual Valentine’s Day ideas. The best part, most everything listed below can be done wearing your favorite Levi’s! 

A Couples Guide to a Casual Valentine’s Day 

  • With four kids ranging from a toddler to teens, our time is very limited. Jeff and I love to see movies together. I will literally see any movie as long as I have a bucket of popcorn and a diet Coke! It’s simple and something we both enjoy. We recently saw Aquaman. It was better than I expected and had my girl Nicole Kidman, which made me like it even more!
  • Make a smaller version of our CHARCUTERIE and take it to the beach, park or anywhere you can breathe fresh air and watch the sunset.
  • This year on Valentine’s Day Jeff and I, along with the kids will be driving up north to ski/snowboard. The kids and Jeff are beyond excited! Ozzy and I will enjoy staying warm inside the hotel:). Our Valentine’s Day will be spent as a family in the car for 7 hours and we are all totally cool with it.
  • Take a yoga or fitness class together.
  • If you have a wedding video, pop some POPCORN and watch it together.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Here is one you can include your kids on. Bake or buy some cookies and make a few cards that say ” You Are Loved” Go deliver to the homeless or anyone you think could use some extra love.
  • Set aside the hours you’d be out fighting Valentine’s Day crowds and get a good start on a Netflix series you’ve been wanting to start. I personally love Schitt’s Creek. It’s dry and witty, just how I like it. Our favorite true crime show is The Jinx on HBO. We first watched it 3 years ago and still vote it #1!

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